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Faith and Money: A Resource for Congregations

By Dan Hotchkiss, July 7, 2011

Looking for a solid and well-written congregational resource to help make the connection between one’s faith and one’s money? Here’s a downloadable guide written by Dan Hotchkiss and provided by Congregational Resource Guides, a project of the Alban Institute. You are free to copy and use this guide with the following attribution: “This document is offered through the courtesy of the Congregational Resource Guide:” Photo by Goldemberg Fonseca used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

About the Author

Dan Hotchkiss, senior consultant for the Alban Institute, consults with congregations across the country from his home in southeastern Massachusetts.See Dan Hotchkiss's website.

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  1. Kolawole, Lawrence Babatope

    I am really interested in the subject of Faith and Money, particularly the use of money by Christians/congregation and churches

  2. Kolawole, Lawrence Babatope

    I am still looking forward to receiving your assistance

  3. Kolawole, Lawrence Babatope

    I am doing doctoral studies on Faith and the Use/Misuse of money.
    I am interested in as much literature as I can have on the subject.
    Therefore, I’ll appreciate any assistance from your end.

  4. Kolawole, Lawrence Babatope

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