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4 Ways Christians Can Be Better with Their Money

It’s  not rocket science, but Derek Olsen’s thoughts on such topics as spending and debt bear frequent repeating. After all, there’s always room for improvement! (Photo: Steven DePolo, Creative Commons)

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Wesley’s Good Money Questions

John Wesley understood that he was accountable to God for the way he used each and every penny he had to spend. He devised four questions to guide him, and they merit our consideration as well, says a writer in  (Photo © shotsstudio –


Estate Planning: A Key to Faithful Stewardship

An estate plan is a significant resource for a faithful Christian steward to bring their finances in line with faith values, but many churches fall short in educating their members to be even better stewards of God’s gifts. Here are some tips. From the United Methodist Church. (Photo © Robert Kneschke –

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Budgeting 101

If you want to begin to budget but don’t know where to begin, this PowerPoint presentation is for you! Posted on Vanderbilt Divinity School’s website, it guides you though the steps you need to rein in your household finances! (Photo by Ken Teegardin, used by Creative Commons license)

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A Call to Stewardship

As a young man Howard Dayton wanted only to become rich, but the Christian faith radically transformed his attitudes and today he teaches others on generosity and stewardship. Dayton believes stewardship isn’t just how you handle the tithe, but how you handle the other 90% of your income. From Dave Ramsey’s website. (Photo by ThrasherDave,… Read more»

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Three Ways to Save for a Rainy Day

On average, Americans save about 4.5 percent, a number which has steadily declined over the decades as we’ve become more reliant upon credit for our emergency needs. But with some planning and discipline you can do better. From LifeWay resources.  (Photo © rangizzz –

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5 Questions to Guide Your Financial Resolutions

Are you thinking of making some financial resolutions for 2015? Start with these “financial health” questions, since a recent study showed them to have a high correlation with net worth. If you don’t like your current answers, here are some ways to improve your answers for this same time next year, from (Photo by … Read more»

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Live Abundantly Within Your Means

Today, we’re bombarded with advertising designed to convince us that we need the latest, the fastest, the biggest, and the best. No wonder many of us live with too much debt. To maintain financial priorities and live within your means, you must reconcile your needs and your wants. From LifeWay. (Photo by Katerha, used by… Read more»

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Streamline your Life with Good Stewardship Habits

Good stewardship habits are good for both your life and your wallet, according to Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow, who includes sharing, gratitude, and contentment among her twelve tips to streamline one’s life and budget. Dr. Yarrow’s suggestions are particularly timely for this season of Advent when we are bombarded with messages to overspend and overbuy. (Photo: Rubbermaid Products, Creative Commons)

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6 Defenses Against Identity Theft

It seems every week there’s another data breach that puts innocent people’s financial information at risk. What’s a consumer to do? This article from Thrivent magazine offers six ways to help protect yourself and your family. (Photo © Borys Shevchuk – Fotolia)