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Getting Out of Student Debt and on the Road

“I thought of student debt like I thought of death: I didn’t think of it all,” recalls a humanities major who graduated from college with $32,000 in debt and no way to pay it. But instead of getting depressed, he got busy — and creative, paying off the debts in just a few years. In… Read more»

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Pious Materialism: How Americans View Faith and Money

Robert Wuthnow, Andlinger Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University, wrote this article for The Christian Century a decade ago, but his observations and critique of the failure of American churches and synagogues to address issues of faith and money in a substantive and effective way… Read more»

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Faith and Finance: Responsible Investing

When investing for your retirement or your financial future, you don’t have to leave your values at the broker’s door. In The Journal of Lutheran Ethics, Kate Walsh shares her journey to discover how to make financial decisions that were in sync with her beliefs as a Christian. (Photo © rangizzz –


Need A Book Club Recommendation?

Check out Pr. Nadia Bolz-Weber’s blog for a brief review of Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most by Mark Scandrette, and then consider reading the book and using it for a group study this fall. Click here for a four minute video with Scandrette talking about the book.


On Faith and Finance: In God We Trust

Believing their money was their own, earned for their own pleasure, one couple found themselves with consumer debt in six figures. Adopting a biblical understanding of money led them to pay off their debt, begin saving and start living for a change. This essay from tells how.  (Photo (c)


“Created to Give, Tempted to Keep”

Adam Hamilton, pastor and author, reflects on how we are hardwired by God to be generous but fall prey to the voices of fear and self-gratification. Click here for more. Click here to learn about Hamilton’s book Enough. (Photo: Liz West, Creative Commons)

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Basics of 10-10-80

10-10-80 is a personal stewardship principle so simple that even pastors can understand it: Give 10 percent of your money to God, save 10 percent and pay your bills with the rest! This handy flier from the New Jersey Synod (ELCA) outlines the strategy that can transform giving at your congregation.  (Photo © rangizzz –… Read more»

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Personal Finance Workshop

Help get your own finances in order, or lead a group in your congregation, with this handy, free four-session workshop on personal finances.  The resource will guide your self-study or small-group session. Helpful video, too! From the Disciples of Christ’s Center for Faith and Giving. (Photo © mangostock –

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Stewardship with Adults Under 40

Click here for information on the Stewardship with Adults Under 40: Possibilities Abound KAIROS Course at Luther Seminary. The three-day event, hosted by the Center for Stewardship Leaders, will take place July 29-31 and features nationally-known speaker Nathan Dungan. Be sure to check this out! (© Igor Link –


Developing a Planned Giving Program

Click here to explore “Elements of a Successful Planned Giving Program” on the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations website. This guide covers the basics and provides solid resources to begin a conversation in your context about gift planning. (Photo: David Morris, Creative Commons License. Thanks!)