Why are Christians silent about the unemployed?

Unemployment has hovered at high levels for the last few years, but the talk from commentators and politicians is all about how American workers aren’t trying hard enough to get a job. Where are the voices of Christians to speak the truth against these harmful caricatures? (Photo by Jetportal used by Creative Commons License. Thanks!)


Zacchaeus, Patron Saint for Stewards

When Zacchaeus encountered Jesus, he did not promise to read scripture more faithfully nor to attend the synagogue more regularly. On this occasion he was not pledging his time or his talent to the programmatic mission of the faith community. Worthy as those are — and necessary for the life of the people of God — this visit was about something else.


Challenged to be Open to God’s Surprises

By the Rev. Marcus C. Lohrmann


Our Charge: To Do God’s Work

By Lt. Col. David Penman
Any statement on stewardship must be kept in the context of who and whose we are. We are charged with taking care of things until Jesus comes again. But this is certainly not a passive supervision of God’s creation. We are all charged with doing his work.


Should Churches Increase 2011 Budgets?

Across the land, congregations are putting final touches on their budgets for next year. How much should the budget increase? In this Christianity Today article, leaders weigh in.


Ayn Rand: Goddess of the Great Recession

Inspired by populist and libertarian personalities to read and embrace the ideas of “Atlas Shrugged”? Not so fast, says Christian financial author Gary Moore. Ayn Rand’s philosophy is antithetical to Christian ethics and biblical witness. It glorifies greed and condemns social responsibility.


22 Stewardship Preaching Tips

OK, pastor, you’ve been meaning to stress stewardship from the pulpit more this year. Here’s a simple set of tips you can keep on your desk for handy reference when you’re preparing the next sermon.   From the Niagara Diocese, Anglican Church of Canada.  (Photo by Chefranden, used under Creative Commons license. Thanks!)


Stewardship Lessons from Passing Generations

Our elders can teach us a LOT about stewardship! The hardships of two world wars and the Great Depression taught our grandparents what was really important. Stewardship expert David S. Bell explores. (Photo by Rocket Ship used under Creative Commons license.)


The Liturgy of Abundance, the Myth of Scarcity

Here is a classic essay from one of Christian theology’s most prophetic voices. Walter Brueggemann offers a challenging biblical analysis of the role of money in our culture. Wealth in America, he says, acts as a narcotic, and we notice neither our wealth nor others’ poverty.


What Does this Mean, this whole Pentecost Thing?

Lectionary Reflection for May 23

Ask your average mainline Christian what Pentecost is all about, and you’re likely to hear everything from “I don’t know” to “We all wear red.” Worship leaders, preachers, and Christian educators should give careful thought to this important day.