hot day 009

Be Ye Neither Hot nor Cold—Just Air-Conditioned!

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Summertime…and the living is, well hot and humid. Instead of cranking the AC a few degrees cooler, our blogger is turning the thermostat up and considering the impact of being cool on the planet and her neighbors.


Minimalist VBS?

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Does VBS have to be a costly, lavish production in order to share God’s love and pass on the faith? No way! Try a Minimalist’s VBS, and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Dis-attachment: Lessons from a 20 pound Puppy with Separation Anxiety

A cosmic canine caper causes our blogger to rethink her attachment to possessions. Read on to find out how the dog ate, among other things, the couch, a shoe, clothes, stuffed animals, and organic cotton sheets.


SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 29

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Only one more day left for the SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge, and our blogger is feeling a little food stamp fatigue and a whole lot of gratitude when everything is put into perspective. Do you what the average income is worldwide? Read on to find out.


SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 28

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SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 28
Our blogger is thinking about all the leftovers in her fridge, so today she shares some of her favorite ways to help the hungry and one really good book!


SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 27

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Did she really go dumpster diving? See what our blogger’s been up to now and what she’s learned about food waste, repurposing, and freegans.


SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 26

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On day 26 of the SNAP Challenge, our blogger tries to be a good kitchen steward by salvaging black bean burger goop and looks to John Candy for a food repair laugh.


SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 25

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Today our blogger interviews Kate Raiford, coordinator of Angel Food Ministries at North Shore Fellowship (PCA) and learns how personal experience led one woman to action in the name of Christ.


SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 24

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It’s day 24 of the SNAP Challenge, and our blogger learns a lesson from a tiny plant about persistence and gratitude.


SNAP to it Food Stamp Challenge–Day 23

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Today our blogger has a headache from thinking about the complicated system of which the SNAP Challenge is just a miniscule part. From Gulf oil spill to plastic mustard containers, nothing is as simple as it seems.