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Steward Your “Self” this Summer

Too often vacations are a source of stress when they should be good stewardship of our bodies and spirits. Dr. Christine Carter offers three simple steps to taking a real vacation that will renew and refresh. (Photo: 19melissa68, Creative Commons)

Creation Care Curriculum: Every Creature Singing

This spring while scheduling your Earth Day observance, plan to educate your church on how our decisions impact the one and only planet that God gave us to live on — and how we can care for creation! “Every Creature Singing” gives you a detailed 13-session lesson plan, as well as a teacher’s guide. Each lesson has Scripture, readings, discussion questions that focus on your neighborhood, and other resources. (Photo: George Fox Evangelical Seminary, Creative Commons)

What We can Learn from Refugees

Canon Trevor Stubbs, who teaches at a college in South Sudan, shares four things we can learn from refugees about stewardship and generosity. (Photo: European Commission, Creative Commons)

Is Leisure Essential to Life and Spirit?

In this study of the necessity of leisure, cultural curator Maria Popova calls us all to rethink our ideas about work and play and rest. While the article does not address Sabbath, the connections are clear. Stewardship of our selves and our time are essential to a well-balanced life and vigorous spirituality. (Photo: Andres N […]

Better Stewardship of Health Still Needed in U.S.

A recent study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington found that Americans have made some progress in being better stewards of their health, but there is still much improvement needed. How can your faith community work for better health and stewardship of self? (Photo: Burger Austin, Creative […]

Vacation? Turn Off Tech. Turn On Life.

Did you check your work email while on vacation? Chances are you did. This article examines our addiction to technology and the need for a break. Read Lloyd Alter’s article and then consider how you might enjoy a digital Sabbath. (Photo: Mike Prosser, Creative Commons)

Is Busyness is Killing Us?

Being “crazy busy” all the time runs counter to God’s command for Sabbath rest and renewal, and a frequent lament is  that busyness is ruining the quality of life. Here’s an article that addresses the need to question a “crazy busy” lifestyle. While faith is not addressed, we think you’ll make the connections. How might […]

17 Practical Ways to Embrace Stewardship

Have you read Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si? If so, great! Consider these 17 practical ideas for better stewardship. If not, put Lauato Si at the top of your reading list and get a head start with these tips from writer Constance T. Hull. (Photo: IFPL, Creative Commons License)

Church Giving in a Digital World

Be sure to read this article by Matt Morris. Online giving goes hand-in-hand with your worshiping community’s digital presence–something many folks feel is no longer an option. (Photo: © momius – Fotolia.com)

Jesus and the Stewardship of Self

Narrative Lectionary Reflection (Year One) for February 8, 2015
This week’s gospel lesson gives us stewardship models straight from our Lord. To serve others well and to appreciate and share God’s abundance, we must also take care of ourselves. This is, of course, easier said than done. (Photo: Jonathan Fox, Creative Commons)