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Celebrate the Season of Creation

Here’s a great idea: Follow the rhythms of the church year to help you focus on themes of creation, life and the environment! That’s the idea behind Let All Creation Praise, which offers free resources for worship, preaching and educating.  (Photo © JulietPhotography –

Earth Hour Brothers

Season of Creation Resources for September

Looking for something different for the month of September? Check out the Season of Creation website for ideas, liturgies, and plenty of resources. (Photo: Adam Sudana, Creative Commons)

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Celebrate the Harvest, Especially This Year

Where I live, it’s easy to remember the cycles of nature and the joyous, bountiful season of harvest. Mile after country mile in Adams County, Pennsylvania, brings you past apple orchards where the fruit, sometimes clustered like grapes, pulls the branches of the trees way down low, so the leaves sweep the ground. The harvest… Read more»


Have a ‘Harvest Thanksgiving’ service

Fall is when we celebrate the harvest, so why not hold a special service of thanks for all God’s gifts? You can get lots of ideas just by typing “harvest liturgy” into your favorite search engine, but click above for one to get started. Here is another. (Photo by DrBacchus, used by Creative Commons License.… Read more»

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