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Tithing Flows from Prayer

Ten years ago First United Methodist church in Enderlin, North Dakota, began a process of spiritual renewal that began with prayer but also included a challenge for members to participate in an experiment involving tithing. The result was a renewed spirit and better finances. From the UMC Communications. (Photo © thitimontoyai22 –

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Best Practices: Handling Church Offerings

Because not everybody is honest, even in church, congregations ought to have guidelines for handling the offering. Guidelines protect the church, the offering and the counters themselves. Here are some suggested guidelines from the West Ohio Conference, UMC. (Photo © James Steidl –


Stewardship is Rooted in Relationship

The starting point for stewardship is our relationship to God, says Methodist writer Larry Hollon. A vibrant, flourishing life occurs when we are in a right relationship with God and with others. These relationships inform us of our own value and the value of the gift of life, and its meaning and purpose.

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Reclaim the Offering as Worship

Some seem to think the offering distracts from the worshipful atmosphere of the rest of the service. However, it’s time to reclaim the offering — the giving of gifts from God as gifts to God — as a vital part of worship. Giving in response to God’s word or the needs of the world helps… Read more»

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Develop Your Church’s Memorial and Honor Giving

The gift planning strategy of a local congregation should be geared to encouraging people to give and to make it easier for them to do so. Honor gifts (donated in the name of living people) and memorial gifts (donated in the name of the deceased) are wonderful vehicles for giving, but many churches fail to make the most of them by having no set policies or sloppy policies on how to handle them. Here are some practical tips. (Photo: Bill McChesney, Creative Commons)

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Make Giving Easy – Electronically

Churches today are seeking newer and easier ways to set up giving to benefit their congregations. Online giving has its own set of complexities and options, but is becoming easier all the time. Giving kiosks are popular. New options for online giving are being developed all the time. Here is a sampling of the most popular innovations. (Photo by Creativity 103, used by Creative Commons license)

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Discussion Guide: The Manifold Grace of God

How has God blessed you, and where is God calling your church to grow as disciples in mission? Use this four-session discussion guide with your church council, stewardship and finance committees, or adult Sunday school class. From the United Methodist Church. (Photo © mangostock –

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Making Disciples Through the Ministry of Church Finance

Struggling with what to do about stewardship and how to do it? Here is a free 34-page booklet from the United Methodist Church that will get you on your way! It covers the nuts and bolts of establishing a congregational stewardship team and making plans.

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What Our Hearts Treasure

A United Methodist pastor was downright fearful when he spoke about money to his congregational plant for the very first time. But he found the reasoning, the courage and the support to carry on. (Photo © Rolffimages –

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Electronic Giving Increases Offerings

Fewer people today are using cash and checks for their financial transactions. As a result, churches have an opportunity to expand their giving opportunities. Here are seven good reasons why your church should offer online giving options. From United Methodist Communications. (Photo by Kodomut, used by Creative Commons license)