Facing Fundraising Fears

Asking people for money may move you out of your comfort zone.  That’s a good sign.  If you’re not experiencing anxiety or discomfort, the risk you’re taking is probably not worthy of you. (Photo by iqoncept, via

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5 Ways to Improve Clergy Health

Alarmed with reports that its pastors were significantly less healthy than other professionals, the United Methodist Church commissioned a task force to investigate and suggest solutions. After three years of work, they came back with a report that details important steps. Click above to get to the news article; click here to go to the… Read more»

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What Should You Ask For?

The first step is to ask for something, anything; just ask. Only about 40 percent of Protestant churches have an intentional stewardship campaign. This means they’re asking for nothing. Are you? Good reading from the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship. (Photo © shotsstudio –

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When the Financial Secretary Should Speak Out

How much does Mrs. Jones or the Smith family give week-by-week? Most pastors don’t want to know, or even should know. They leave the regular counting to the Financial Secretary. But there are situations when the Financial Secretary needs to alert the pastor. Dramatic changes in giving may signal problems in the lives of the… Read more»

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10 Strategies to Market Planned Giving

If your church does not have a planned giving program, you may be denying your people an opportunity to make an important donation to the church. This guide from the United Methodist Church provides important guidance.  (Photo © Momius –

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Energy Efficiency Saves Churches Money

Churches are freeing up money for mission and ministry by making their buildings more energy efficient. This article from the United Methodist “Interpreter” explains how, and provides links to helpful sites. (Photo by Sun Dazed, used by Creative Commons license.)

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Seven Attributes of a Generous Church

How generous is YOUR church? This informative paper posted by the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship can help you discover how to move your congregation further up the generosity scale. (Photo © brozova –

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Six Best Stewardship Practices

What best practices in the local church correlate with increased financial giving? A six-year study of the congregations in the United Church of Canada revealed six essential behaviors. They may surprise you.  (Photo © Creative Soul –

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Remarketing, NOT reinventing!

Here’s the story of how a typical Protestant church turned itself around from declining to thriving. How? By reaching out it its neighbors and friends, providing service. An inspirational story for your congregation, for sure. From Ministry Matters. (Photo by Sultry, used by Creative Commons license)

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Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations

Congregations spend a lot of energy on a lot of different efforts, but here are five concepts to focus what your church does in order to make it more productive and faithful. The Five Practices website contains lots of supporting information and ideas to get your congregation moving. It’s the creation of Robert Schnase, Bishop of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church. (Photo by AlicePopkorn, used by Creative Commons License. Thanks!)