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Develop Your Church’s Memorial and Honor Giving

The gift planning strategy of a local congregation should be geared to encouraging people to give and to make it easier for them to do so. Honor gifts (donated in the name of living people) and memorial gifts (donated in the name of the deceased) are wonderful vehicles for giving, but many churches fail to make the most of them by having no set policies or sloppy policies on how to handle them. Here are some practical tips. (Photo: Bill McChesney, Creative Commons)

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Make Giving Easy – Electronically

Churches today are seeking newer and easier ways to set up giving to benefit their congregations. Online giving has its own set of complexities and options, but is becoming easier all the time. Giving kiosks are popular. New options for online giving are being developed all the time. Here is a sampling of the most popular innovations. (Photo by Creativity 103, used by Creative Commons license)

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Discussion Guide: The Manifold Grace of God

How has God blessed you, and where is God calling your church to grow as disciples in mission? Use this four-session discussion guide with your church council, stewardship and finance committees, or adult Sunday school class. From the United Methodist Church. (Photo © mangostock –

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Making Disciples Through the Ministry of Church Finance

Struggling with what to do about stewardship and how to do it? Here is a free 34-page booklet from the United Methodist Church that will get you on your way! It covers the nuts and bolts of establishing a congregational stewardship team and making plans.

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What Our Hearts Treasure

A United Methodist pastor was downright fearful when he spoke about money to his congregational plant for the very first time. But he found the reasoning, the courage and the support to carry on. (Photo © Rolffimages –

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Electronic Giving Increases Offerings

Fewer people today are using cash and checks for their financial transactions. As a result, churches have an opportunity to expand their giving opportunities. Here are seven good reasons why your church should offer online giving options. From United Methodist Communications. (Photo by Kodomut, used by Creative Commons license)


Estate Planning: A Key to Faithful Stewardship

An estate plan is a significant resource for a faithful Christian steward to bring their finances in line with faith values, but many churches fall short in educating their members to be even better stewards of God’s gifts. Here are some tips. From the United Methodist Church. (Photo © Robert Kneschke –

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Achieving Dreams Beyond the Budget

Here is a manual for those who would work on building an endowment or seeking planned gifts in their local church, “Achieving Your Dreams Beyond the Budget” is an exceptional tool for local church stewardship. This publication outlines a timeless process for congregational planned giving that is still relevant today. Beginning with a theological foundation for planned giving, the booklet walks you through the steps to implement a planned giving program in your congregation.

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Develop Your Theology of Stewardship

How do you understand stewardship? Have you thought through the issues involved in faith and giving? Here is a handy guide that will help you develop a theology of stewardship that is right for your context. From the United Methodist Foundation for the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences. (Photo (c) Keren Tan, ShareAlike License)

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Clergy Health – Our Ministry Together

We need healthy pastors to have a healthy church, but statistics show that clergy need help in this area. Designed for use by pastors and lay leadership, this three-part series seeks to illustrate some of the unique issues clergy face in maintaining and improving their physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual wellbeing. Through video and discussion guides, it encourages congregations and pastors to share a ministry of health that benefits everyone. (Photo by Dr. Abdulla Nasar, used by Creative Commons license)