Take Heart & Lean In

Revised Common Lectionary Reflection for the 27th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B, November 18, 2018
Yes, the times are uncertain. Suffering and pain are real. The path forward appears fraught with danger and destruction. In spite of all of this, whether self-inflicted or inflicted upon us, we have Jesus. This is very good news! ((Photo: Gov. Tom Wolf, Creative Commons. Thanks!)

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Enrich your Advent with online devotionals

Advent is only a couple weeks away. This year help enrich your and your church’s experience of Advent with a free online devotional. Teach your congregants how to access and use devotionals to draw close to God and find the Holiness of the holidays. Here are links to some good ones. (Photo:Christopher Bulle, Creative Commons)

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December Toolbox: Stewardship for Advent & Christmas

Regular communication and education can provide a stable foundation for your stewardship efforts. Here is December 2018’s “Stewardship Toolbox,” a Word file with an original newsletter article, weekly RCL-based bulletin blurbs, and links to resources. (Photo © Les Cunliffe –

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The Art of Seeing Compassionately

Part of good leadership is the ability to see compassionately. Effective leaders who desire to build bridges and bring people together learn to be present, attentive, and aware of those around them. Read this excerpt adapted from C. Paul Schroeder’s book Practice Makes Purpose: Six Spiritual Practices That will Change Your Life and Transform Your Community.

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