Reliable Witnesses?

RCL Reflection, Resurrection of our Lord, Year C, April 21, 2019
I wonder…what witnesses to the gospel would be deemed unreliable today? Will we be like Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary, and the other women who were perplexed by what they found yet willing to tell and live into the story anyway? (Photo: TED, Creative Commons)

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Teaching Quiet Generosity in a Digital World

Author and Christian Education Director Heather High-Kennedy ponders the importance of teaching children and youth to be generous without the fanfare and hashtags of social media. “Children and youth today are growing up without a way to envision the concept of Matthew 6:1,” she said. (Photo: Carolyn Clement, Social Media Sunday)

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May ‘Toolbox’ explores stewarding community

To accompany us in our discipleship journey God provides a community of folks — including those we don’t even know yet! How well are we stewarding community? This month’s Toolbox includes a “cut-and-paste” newsletter article and links to help explore. Plus RCL-based blurbs for the Sunday bulletin. Fresh and original from SOLI. (Photo: Ken, Creative Commons)

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Giving it up as leaders

“When each of us, following our leaders, examines our own privileges, power, and resources, and thoughtfully understands how we got them and when to intentionally let them go, it leads to a better community—one we all benefit from, ” writes non-profit executive Vu Le, citing the most valuable and best leadership trait today is willingness to “give it up.” There’s a message in this article for churches, too. (Photo: Helen Harrop, Creative Commons)

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