Get up and eat!

Revised Common Lectionary Reflection, 12th Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 14, Year B, August 12, 2018
Ever had a time in your life when things didn’t go as expected? When you thought you’d done pretty well for yourself, but those around you don’t seem to agree? God has some good news for you in this week’s lessons. Get up and eat. We all need strength for the journey. (Photo: hungry dudes, Creative Commons)

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Teach These Five Stewardship Principles

Stewardship Pastor Dave Briggs offers five essential insights about stewardship insights that you should be teaching, preaching, and living in your ministry context. Doing so, he says, will help you build a healthy stewardship culture and a healthier church. (Photo: OTA Photos, Creative Commons)

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September Toolbox keys into ‘Stewardship of Work’

Develop a healthy culture of stewardship and generosity in your congregation through consistent communication, education, leadership and action. The Stewardship Toolbox can help! This month’s free newsletter article and resources center on Stewardship of Our Work. Adopt it as a monthly theme in your church. (Photo: Dylan Foley, Creative Commons)

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What every pastor should know about money

Money is a deeply spiritual matter and a critical part of ministry. No money, no ministry. Raising and managing money for ministry is holy work. Consultant Margaret Marcuson explains what you should know about money –or, rather, what you should be learning about money as you grow in your ministry. (Photo © Chris Brignell –

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