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It is the Steens Mountain Backcountry Byway  in eastern Oregon

The Depth and Breadth of Stewardship

The breadth and depth of stewardship theology leads us to appeal to one another to discover lives of meaning and purpose, stewardship lives. This happens as we engage in worship of God and as we honor God’s plan; as we gather to encourage and support one another in a living organism, the Body of Christ; as we make a difference in the world through service to people and care of creation; and as we teach behaviors that free us from bondage to money. [Check out this powerful 17-page essay from ELCA Stewardship Resources.] (Photo by the US Bureau of Land Management, used by Creative Commons license)

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Come Holy Spirit! Really?

Lectionary Reflection for the Day of Pentecost, Year B, May 24, 2015
Are you really ready to day “Come, Holy Spirit” on this Day of Pentecost? Are you prepared for the power and promise inherent in this gift? In these unsettled times we do need the Advocate with us. Just be prepared for a wild, wonderful ride. (Photo: Waiting for the Word, Creative Commons)

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Stop Asking Millennials for Money?

Does Derek Gillette really expect the church to stop asking millennials for money? Click here to learn more–and find out why this generation is surprisingly generous and mission-minded. (Photo: Mike Schmid, Creative Commons)

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The Basics of Launching a Legacy Gift Program

Here’s a basic guide to launching a planned giving program in your congregation. In this handy guide published by the United Church of Canada, you’ll find basic tools, a handy checklist, and more. (Photo: Steven Depolo, Creative Commons)

LTSG Grades Kristin Fawcett and Laura Haupt

Good Counsel for First Call Pastors

What stewardship advice would you give a first call pastor? Pastor Jerry Hoffman offers six key thoughts for new leaders. Click here to be redirected to the Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary. (Photo: )

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Vision: What Kind of Church Do We Want?

Vision is essential to a church. However, unlike the values, mission, and purpose, the vision is more subject to change. It is dynamic, not static. Over time, the vision must be renewed, adapted, and adjusted to the cultural context in which the congregation lives. The change takes place only at the margins of the vision, not at its core. Here are some important truths about vision that every church leader should know. (Photo by Philippematon, used by Creative Commons license)

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    How to Improve Financial Stewardship

    This resource outlines the six most popular financial response models used by ELCA congregations. An easy-to-follow guide for new stewardship leaders. Available in PDF as a free download.


    Free e-book: ‘How much is enough?’

    Some of the brightest minds of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have collaborated for this collection of essays exploring “How Much is Enough: A Deeper Look at Stewardship in an Age of Abundance.” Each author looks at one aspect of what it means to be a well-formed stewardship leader — the basic competencies needed.

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    SOLI Grants for Stewardship Education

    Got a creative idea for stewardship eduction? The Stewardship of Life Institute is offering grants to help fund projects to advance stewardship in the ELCA. Applications are submitted online and due on September 15 for the next funding round. See details inside! (Photo by Steven dePolo, used by Creative Commons license.)


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