Sabbath: A time for liberation and freedom

RCL Reflection, August 25, 2019
In past Year C cycles I have looked at Luke 13:10-17 as an admonition to observe sabbath rest, as a call to see that others are able to enjoy rest, and as a call to greater faithfulness. Yes, those elements are certainly there, but this year, my eyes were opened in a new way. (Photo: J Stimp, Creative Commons)

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To teach generosity, encourage giving

How do we raise generous children in a world of materialism and consumption? “The goal is to make the process of giving a natural part of your children’s lives,” says educator Deb Cohen. Check out her ideas for parents and other adults. (Photo: The Museum of the Future, Creative Commons)

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‘Embrace Generosity’ Stewardship Emphasis

Perfect for a fall campaign in Year C, here is Embrace Generosity is complete stewardship emphasis guide for your congregation — an RCL-based five-week program of  study, sermons, worship guides, handouts and more. Click here for an Word copy that will enable you to cut and paste for your own needs.   (Photo: Gayle Nicholson, Creative Commons)

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Stewardship of your (aging, obsolete) building

Is your current building way too old, way too big and way too expensive for your current ministry? Read about an enormous congregation that did the unthinkable — reduce its footprint, getting rid of memory-rich square footage for the sake of future ministry. From Faith and Leadership. (Photo: Luke Peterson, Creative Commons)

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