Called: To BE fully present

RCL Reflection for July 21, 2019
Being present in the moment and being fully present to the many ways that Jesus is with us in the world is necessary for our own development and deepening of faith. After all, the present moment is all that we truly have. Nothing more is guaranteed. (Photo: gilliu00, Creative Commons)

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Researchers affirm: Mealtime matters!

The benefits of family and community meals are many, and The Family Dinner Project, founded by Harvard Medical School professor Anne Fishel, aims to teach people how to host successful communal meals. You’ll find conversation topics, recipes, examples, and more. It’s good stewardship, good for well-being, and fun, too! (Photo: Alpha, Creative Commons)

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August Toolbox theme: Deceived by ‘the lie of more!’

Use our monthly Toolbox to keep your congregation thinking about stewardship with a free original newsletter article, weekly Sunday bulletin “Stewardship Snippets” and links to dig into a stewardship theme. This month: “Deceived by ‘the lie of more!'”  (Photo: © f9photos –

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4 stewardship roadblocks (and 5 action steps)

Stewardship. We know it’s biblical. We know we have people gifted in time, talents, and treasure. But we face problems seeing it surface in our churches. Why? How do we encourage our church members to put their time, talents, and treasures back on the table?  (Photo: Olivander, Creative Commons)

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