Peek-a-boo Jesus

Revised Common Lectionary Reflection, Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year C, May 26, 2019
As we mature in faith and open ourselves to the vastness of God, our job is to look around. Where do we see Jesus? The answer, of course, is everywhere in every atom and molecule of creation and in the faces of our neighbors. But like the toddler playing peek-a-boo with a beloved adult, we have to open our eyes and look. (Photo: Dennis Jarvis, Creative Commons)

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Generous living in a self-centered world

Our culture is saturated with money, and that presents enormous spiritual dangers. Wealth can seduce and enslave us. This curriculum from Everence offers six lessons exploring biblical generosity and ways to avoid and confront the allure of wealth and put money in its proper place in our lives. (Photo © laurent hamels –

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Five steps before launching a capital campaign

Airline pilots always go through their checklist before takeoff to make sure all systems are go. Here is a preflight checklist for your capital campaign to help give your project the best chances of success. From Kristine Miller of Horizons Stewardship. (Photo by Gynane via BigStockPhoto)

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The truth about Millennials and stewardship

Stereotypes abound about Millennials, especially when it comes to giving: They’re lazy, self-absorbed, ungenerous! But the truth is much different, says Anders Peterson, a pastor in California.  He sets the record straight in this article from the Center for Steward Leadership at Luther Seminary. (Photo © mangostock –

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