Redemption and Reconciliation: Why We’re Here

Revised Common Lectionary Reflection, Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 10, Year B, July 15, 2018
God desires for us to participate in this work of healing, restoring, and blessing all of creation. We are not there yet, but we are on the way as God’s beloved community, the Body of Christ. (Photo: Creative Commons)

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Provide lessons in household finance

People who don’t have any money to spare can’t give more to church, and if folks are mismanaging their money they won’t have money to spare. This is most certainly true. Many congregations are responding by teaching household finance. These free lesson plans from the Center for Faith & Giving can equip your church! (Photo © alphaspirit –

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August ‘Toolbox’ theme: Stewardship of our church

Consistent communication, education and action will help develop a culture of stewardship and generosity in your congregation. The Stewardship Toolbox can help! This month’s free newsletter article and resources center on Stewardship of Our Church. Adopt the theme in your church by encouraging or sponsoring healthy, social activities and fun games. (Photo: Ken, Creative Commons)

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Big stewardship ideas for smaller churches

Stewardship is more than financial giving, writes author and consultant Julia Kuhn Wallace. It is a sense of thanksgiving for all that God has given us, including care giving for the world around us! She presents eight ideas for developing stewardship in a smaller congregation. Which might work for yours? From (Photo: Dublin Molly, […]

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