Uncomfortable Christianity

RCL Reflection, 6th Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C, Feb. 20, 2019.
“Comfortable” and “Christianity” do not go together like bread and butter. There is, indeed, nothing comfortable at all about discipleship and the gospel. We’re a long way yet from a level playing field, my friends, but the choice to embrace radical discipleship, lavish love, and prodigal generosity is offered us anew every day. Will we choose rightly? (Photo: JESUS MAFA, Creative Commons)

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‘Giving from the Heart: Online Stewardship Bible Studies’

Just in time for Lent, here is a wonderful four-week Bible study on stewardship by Methodist author and bishop Robert Schnase. Each day there’s a new Bible verse to pray over. This link gets to to the first week; links to later weeks in the left menu. Posted by Franklin United Methodist Church, Churchton, Md.

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March ‘Toolbox’ focuses on holistic stewardship

How do God’s people integrate personal stewardship of their diverse God-given blessings, such as health, time, relationships, and finances? This month’s Toolbox includes a “cut-and-paste” newsletter article and links to help them explore. Plus RCL-based blurbs for the Sunday bulletin. Fresh and original from SOLI. (Photo: Per Erik Strandberg, Creative Commons)

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The daring, risky, and oh-so-necessary art of the ask

Most congregational leaders would rather do anything besides asking congregants for money. So when they DO ask, their skittishness can lead to mistakes and missteps that can be counterproductive. Here, from SOLI content editor Rob Blezard, are tips for making an ask. (Photo: Iqoncept, via

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