The Liturgy of Abundance, the Myth of Scarcity

One of Christian theology’s most prophetic voices offers a challenging biblical analysis of the role of money in our culture. Wealth in America, Brueggemann says, acts as a narcotic, numbing us. “The great contradiction is that we have more and more money and less and less generosity — less and less public money for the needy, less charity for the neighbor.” (Photo: Prisoner 5413, Creative Commons)

  • September 20
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Photo: StJohn'sFlowerGuild, Creative Commons

Plan a Harvest Celebration Service

This year help your congregation make the connection between God’s creation and something very near and dear to them — their food! A worship service that celebrates and gives thanks to God for the bounty of the earth will also remind parishioners of the seasons of the year, the cycle of life, the value of farms, the need for sustainable care of creation, and the source of our nourishment. What local agriculture can you bring in? Here are some planning resources. (Photo: StJohn’sFlowerGuild, Creative Commons)

  • September 15
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Photo: Tax Credits, Creative Commons

Is it Robbing God to Tithe on Your Net Income?

It’s the question you frequently hear about tithing — do you base it on gross income? Or after-tax income? This feature presents different viewpoints from three writers — Frederica Mathewes-Green, David A. Croteau and Steve Stewart. Which viewpoint resonates with your own view? (Photo: Tax Credits, Creative Commons)

photo by james cridland

Crowdfunding for Congregations and Nonprofits

Because the church has always funded its ministry through small gifts from a large number of people, crowdfunding is not too much of a stretch for congregations. Crowdfunding has gained a respectable status among the many ways to fund new ventures, whether business-related or charitable. Crowdfunding presents a clear opportunity for church-related giving to expand its focus, audience, vision, and reach. (Read more in this free download!) (Photo: James Cridland, Creative Commons)


Embracing Stewardship

“Why is stewardship so stinking difficult?” That’s a question you hear many congregational leaders ask, and it’s also a chapter in the new resource offered by Charles R. Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy. “Embracing Stewardship” addresses that age-old question by offering both a solid theoretical/theological grounding and practical, down-to-earth approaches for making stewardship an everyday part of a congregation’s life together. An accessible, affordable resource.

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    Awakening to God’s Call to Earthkeeping

    Here is a real gem! This 50-page resource includes a leader guide and participant materials for use in a faith-based small group context: adult or older youth Sunday school, Christian Education classes, women’s circles, men’s groups, congregational “Green Team,” or in a retreat setting. (Also can be ordered for $5 from the ELCA Resource Catalog.)


    Local Church Planned Giving Manual

    A how-to booklet for congregations to develop a Planned Giving ministry. Includes sections devoted to establishing and promoting a Planned Giving program, congregational endowments, wills emphasis, how life-income gifts work, and more. Free download from the United Church of Christ! (Photo: Tracie7779, Creative Commons)


    Four Gospels, One Way to Live

    Here’s a free online course on biblical stewardship that you can really sink your teeth into. “Four Gospels” pays attention to the stewardship-of-life underpinnings of the four Gospels as it provides a scholarly overview. From Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.


    The Weekly Joke

    Every week we dish out a fresh scoop of humor. Who says stewardship is no fun?

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