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Revised Common Lectionary for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 7), Year B, June 24, 2018
When you step into the pulpit or lead a group discussion this weekend, take heart. We can do this hard thing, my friends. We can see one another, hear one another, and love one another by the grace of God. Yes, we must speak the truth to power and to one another, we must not allow evil to go unchallenged, but we must do so in love and with compassion and kindness. Only by building relationships can we stand together, only by loving God and neighbor can we live grace-fully. (Photo: Anna Oh, Creative Commons)

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How to teach God’s people to tithe

If you’re a tithing skeptic, you probably want to skip this. This is for church leaders who believe that giving a minimum of one-tenth of their income to the Lord’s church is a) scriptural, b) necessary to support the work, and c) an essential part of growing in Christlikeness.  From (Photo: Woodleywonderworks, Creative Commons)

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July ‘Toolbox’ Theme: Stewardship of Leisure

Consistent communication, education and action will help develop a culture of stewardship and generosity in your congregation. The Stewardship Toolbox can help! This month’s free newsletter article and resources center on Stewardship of Our Leisure Time. Adopt the theme in your church by encouraging or sponsoring healthy, social activities and fun games. (Photo: David Hudson, Creative Commons)

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7 rules for raising money in the church

Most people are not surprised to learn that operating a church takes money, says this essay from And they are not offended by being asked to participate in something important.  It’s HOW we ask that matters. Read on for how to approach financial stewardship in your congregation. (Photo: Bev8200, Creative Commons)

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