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Rambling in the Ruts of Righteousness

Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year B, April 26, 2015
The 23rd psalm may be to the life of faith what mac and cheese is to comfort food, but it’s certainly no promise of a four-lane highway. The good news is that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is with us all the way–guiding, goading, loving, and equipping each and every one of us for the journey. (Photo: Joan Campderros i Canas, Creative Commons)

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Local Church Planned Giving Manual

This is your quintessential Planned Giving resource! This is free, online guide for congregations is designed to aid pastors and lay leaders in developing a congregational Planned Giving ministry. Includes sections devoted to establishing and promoting a Planned Giving program, congregational endowments, wills emphasis, how life-income gifts work, and more. (Photo by Ken Mayer, used by Creative Commons license)

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Plan a ‘Creation Sunday’ Celebration

This April 22 marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Why not celebrate the occasion with a special Earth Sunday or Creation Sunday worship on the April 19 or April 26? You can make it a celebration of the natural environment, or possibly a blessing of the seeds, farms, orchards, gardens and fields. Why not preach on how we must take better care of God’s good earth. Here are some places to get ideas and resources.

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Your Church Should Have an Endowment

Every church should have an endowment. Sometimes congregations have more than one. And that can be confusing, especially if the policies and guidelines governing each aren’t clear. But an endowment can play an important role in your congregation’s overall financial management strategy. This article can help you plan. (Photo by DanielSTL, used by Creative Commons license)

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    SOLI Grants for Stewardship Education

    Got a creative idea for stewardship eduction? The Stewardship of Life Institute is offering grants to help fund projects to advance stewardship in the ELCA. Applications are submitted online and due on September 15 for the next funding round. See details inside! (Photo by Steven dePolo, used by Creative Commons license.)


    The Weekly Joke

    Every week we dish out a fresh scoop of humor. Who says stewardship is no fun?

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    Free Ebook: A Theology for Christian Stewardship

    T.A. Kantonen’s classic book “A Theology for Christian Stewardship” is still considered one of the best explorations of the topic and a go-to resource. Download a free PDF copy, posted on LC-MS’ FaithAflame website.

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    Four Gospels, One Way to Live

    Here’s a free online course on biblical stewardship that you can really sink your teeth into. “Four Gospels” pays attention to the stewardship-of-life underpinnings of the four Gospels as it provides a scholarly overview. From Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.