Wise Bread

Revised Common Lectionary Reflection for the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year B, August 19, 2018
What is this “wise bread” and wine with which Wisdom sets her table and invites us to partake? How can Jesus claim that we are to eat his body and drink his blood, as John’s gospel reports? Yes, this week in the bread cycle takes radical turn that requires thinking outside of comfortable and literal boxes. Ready to eat? (Photo: Claude Monet, Creative Commons)

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Teach These Five Stewardship Principles

Stewardship Pastor Dave Briggs offers five essential insights about stewardship insights that you should be teaching, preaching, and living in your ministry context. Doing so, he says, will help you build a healthy stewardship culture and a healthier church. (Photo: OTA Photos, Creative Commons)

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September Toolbox keys into ‘Stewardship of Work’

Develop a healthy culture of stewardship and generosity in your congregation through consistent communication, education, leadership and action. The Stewardship Toolbox can help! This month’s free newsletter article and resources center on Stewardship of Our Work. Adopt it as a monthly theme in your church. (Photo: Dylan Foley, Creative Commons)

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Fifteen minutes to better ministry budget

The way most church leaders approach budgeting may not yield the best results for congregation because it focuses on income and expenditures, NOT on goals and ministry priorities. What’s a congregational leader to do? This article from Logan Leadership has some suggestions. (Photo: Werner_Hahn, Creative Commons)

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