Exponentially One (in Christ)

Narrative Lectionary Reflection for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year Three, May 28, 2017
Why is it that we humans always seem to prefer the divide and conquer method in life? I understand that stereotypes–the broad categories we sort folk and situations into—function to keep all the sensory data manageable, but this human tendency also runs quite counter to Jesus’ way of organizing. Instead of division, Jesus was all about multiplication and addition. If only Paul can get this group of folks to believe it and live like it! (Photo:

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8 Bible Studies on Stewardship

What does the bible say about stewardship? Not just stewardship of our money, but also our stuff, our time, our very lives? This free pdf booklet from the Church of Scotland helps you and your congregation explore these issues. Eight lessons that can be done individually or as a series will provide a firm foundation for raising steward disciples. (Photo © Alfredo Maller –

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Enhance Giving Through ‘Wish Lists’

Our faith communities are continually concerned about how to raise income or offset expenses especially during the summer months when attendance is lower. One approach to supplementing income in the church is to establish a Wish-List — needed items that your members can sign up to donate. It’s the approach that churches often use when there’s a big-ticket item or capital campaign, but it would work for smaller items, says this writer from the Episcopal Church. (Photo: Dawn Huczek, Creative Commons)

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Stewardship: A Way of Doing Parish Ministry

Church leaders are entrusted with the responsibility to lead and guide  God’s people into living fully and confidently as Christian stewards — servants of God and shepherds of God’s blessings, which includes our neighbors, near and far. Accomplishing this requires a leader, first, to identify as a stewardship leader, and then follow through with attention to details, writes Valorie Putt for the Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary. (Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simões, Creative Commons)

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