Rejoice — Jesus is Coming!

Lectionary Reflection for the Third Sunday of Advent, Year B, December 17, 2017
This is no Sunday to be a killjoy, no time to “quench the Spirit,” but rather a stellar opportunity to remind one another of this precious good news that we have the privilege of sharing with others. We have seen the light of Christ, and the light has made of us something entirely new. Rejoice and be glad! (Photo: Susanne Nilsson, Creative Commons)

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Kids’ Books Offer Lessons in Generosity

Not all lessons are learned in Sunday school. Storybooks that your children will cherish can teach them important lessons in generosity, abundance, sharing, community, family and other stewardship topics. Instead of buying the child on your list the latest toy du jour that will be forgotten by New Year’s Day, consider these suggested by Familius.  (Photo: Neeta Lind, Creative Commons)

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Help Your Donors Overcome ‘Giving Fatigue’

As the calendar year draws to a close, more and more giving appeals will reach mailboxes and inboxes. How can your appeal overcome the giving fatigue that accompanies the increase in appeals? “People are more willing to give when they see generosity as part of who they are,” says Dr. Summer Allen. Here are 10 good suggestions she offers. (Photo: Ed Yourdon, Creative Commons)

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Worship Service for Generosity & Abundance

Here’s a holiday worship service that celebrates the year’s blessings with a community meal featuring a very special soup of Puerto Rico. “We are a culture of abundance,” writes Pastor Thea Racelis. “We live into our belief that God has given us enough to go around if we just share!” (Photo: Rool Paap, Creative Commons)


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