Narrative Lectionary Reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Lent, Year Three, March 26, 2017
Listen up, dear people of God. You are not invisible to your creator, and neither are your neighbors. We will not find our identity within the malls and halls of consumer culture or by shame, guilt, or duty. Instead, our identity comes through love, by seeing one another as we really are–broken, beautiful, and created in God’s image–and affirming the wealth that comes though that alone. Yes, there is good news for us in the story of Lazarus and the rich man if we but open our eyes to see. (Photo: Seth Stoll, Creative Commons)

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Stewardship as a Lifestyle

This brilliant and insightful workshop by former ELCA Presiding Bishop H. George Anderson helps bring church members into a fuller understanding of holistic stewardship. “Stewardship is like a magnet passing over the jumbled pins and needles of our life, organizing them into a meaningful pattern. Stewardship is the Christian lifestyle.” (Photo: Mimi_K, Creative Commons)  

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April ‘Stewardship Toolbox’

Here is a great all-in-one resource for your congregation’s monthly stewardship communications. You’ll find short “Stewardship Snippets” tied to the RCL readings for every Sunday’s bulletin, articles for your monthly newsletter or website – ready to cut and paste, plus links to resources and more! Prepared by SOLI web editor Rob Blezard. (Photo © Les Cunliffe […]

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Rethinking Mission Giving

Surprising things happened when a church took mission giving dollars out of its regular budget and instead raised money for those important ministries. It got people involved and active, and now there's more money for mission -- and the regular bills. Read how they did it. From the Center for Steward Leadership at Luther Seminary. … [Read More...]

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