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Holy Trinity Sunday, Year B, May 27, 2018
The good news of Holy Trinity Sunday is that we have a highly relational God who desires us to have real life, and have it abundantly. We are, according to Paul, “adopted as God’s children,” no longer slaves destined to be fearful. How much our world needs this message of hope today! Let’s be good stewards and share liberally. (Photo: Larry Koester, Creative Commons)

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Robert Schnase: Teaching Extravagant Generosity

Many Christians have been inspired by the “Five Practices” books by Methodist Bishop Robert Schnase. One of those five practices, “Extravagant Generosity,” is explored well in this group-study guide that is designed to accompany a curriculum, but can also provide useful class guidance on its own. From Cokesbury, the UMC publishing house. (Photo © laurent hamels –

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What Defines True Generosity?

What does it mean to be a truly generous person? Wake Forest Professor of Philosophy Christian B. Miller believes that there’s much more involved besides giving time, talent, and resources. Generosity has a whole lot to do with attitude, empathy, and motivation, according to Miller. (Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons)

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For You: A Free E-book from Luther Seminary

Here’s a resource with great ideas to energize your financial stewardship ministry. Stewardship 101: An Invitation to Financial Stewardship is a free e-book from the Center for Steward Leadership at Luther Seminary. It contains 17 of the center’s best newsletter articles on a wide variety of stewardship topics.

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