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Confession and Forgiveness

Narrative Lectionary Reflection for October 19, 2014 (Year One)
This week’s lesson is a tough one. Here are some ideas for how to broaden the context from David’s specific sin to the various corporate sins and injustices of our own age and context. (Photo: Shawn Semmler, Creative Commons)

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Reframed by the Holy Other

Lectionary Reflection for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost Yr. A, October 19, 2014
This week’s lessons provide another opportunity to consider stewardship as being reframed and reformed by God. After all, as Jesus makes clear in the gospel lesson, eveything belongs to God anyway. (Photo: Al King, Creative Commons)

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Can Fighting Poverty Make You Happy?

This was a question filmmaker Daniel Karslake asked after learning that a person dies every three seconds as a result of living in extreme poverty. The film he made as a result, Every Three Seconds, tells the story of five ordinary people who are making a real difference–and how everyone can do something. (Photo: Creativist Collective/Claire Evans, Creative Commons. Thanks!)


Stewarding Relationship

Caring for one another is at once incredibly simple and achingly tiring, yet stewardship of our relationships is an integral component of any faith community. Sometimes, according to author Courtney E. Martin, we need more doing than thinking, more “bossiness” than niceties. Read her essay posted on the On Being with Krista Tippett website. (Photo: DFID, Creative Commons)


Here We Stand

Narrative Lectionary Reflection Year One, October 12, 2014
Joshua 24:1-15
This lesson is equally timely for Christians today facing what Phyllis Tickle terms “the great emergence” as the church once again stands at a pivot point in its lifespan. What will you community choose? (Photo: dun_deagh, Creative Commons)


Come to the Feast

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost Year A, October 12, 2014
God sets a forth a feast in three of today’s four readings, sending a message of abundance and provision. Yet how often do we seek to accept God’s blessings on our own terms and at our own convenience–often to the detriment of others? (Photo:, Creative Commons, Thanks!)

Photo by Dr. Abdulla Nasar, used by Creative Commons license.

Clergy Health – Our Ministry Together

We need healthy pastors to have a healthy church, but statistics show that clergy need help in this area. Designed for use by pastors and lay leadership, this three-part series seeks to illustrate some of the unique issues clergy face in maintaining and improving their physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual wellbeing. Through video and discussion guides, it encourages congregations and pastors to share a ministry of health that benefits everyone. (Photo by Dr. Abdulla Nasar, used by Creative Commons license)

Climate Emergency

Climate Change Curriculum for Churches

Climate change is a confusing topic, not to mention a terrifying one. It often feels more about problems than solutions, which makes it easy to push to the sidelines as “something scientists can deal with.” This free, six-lesson course prepared by the UU United Nations Office aims to give participants a solid understanding of the facts behind climate change, an appreciation of the earth, and tools to find solutions on a range of scales. (Photo by Takver, used by Creative Commons license)

Photo by Monado, used by Creative Commons license.

Living in Abundance Lesson Series

The connection between stewardship and church mission and faith discipleship is pretty clear, but many of God’s people have simply never been taught. This three-lesson package, subtitled “Lessons in Generosity,” was prepared by faculty of Luther Seminary and will help adult learners understand key stewardship concepts. Includes PowerPoint presentations. (Photo by Monado, used by Creative Commons license)

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Last-Minute Stewardship Ideas

Although there is not sufficient time left in the year to plan and execute a comprehensive stewardship campaign, you can still get your congregation thoughtfully praying about and wrestling with matters of financial stewardship. All it takes is some creativity, effort and hard work. This PDF document details four doable ideas you can put in place this year. (Photo © mtkang –

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