Belonging to God

RCL reflection for the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, Year A, Proper 24, October 22, 2017
As Christians, we confess that we believe in “God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.” We ask God’s will to be done in the Lord’s Prayer, and we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy.” I guess we need to figure out if this is lip service or a life of service. Is God really Lord of all creation–including us? How we answer this question makes all the difference in the world. (Photo: Paradise Nazarene, Creative Commons License)

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Eight-Part Bible Study: Stewardship Basics

Here’s an in-depth stewardship curriculum that can help your congregation learn not only what the Bible has to say about stewardship, but also how to live as steward-disciples. From the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the free eight-part study invites deep engagement with Scripture as a way to explore what stewardship means to us as 21st century disciples of Christ. Leader and participant guides are offered in PDF download. (Photo © alphaspirit –

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Rediscover These Ancient Stewardship Practices

In this short reflection United Methodist Bishop Ken Carter discusses the need for the congregations and ministers to rediscover three ancient practices of stewardship to fund ministry and mission for the now and future church. Are you already using any of these three models in your context? (Photo: Photo © laurent hamels –

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‘Why I Love Preaching Stewardship’

If you’re hesitant to talk about money in the pulpit, you’re definitely not alone. It’s a big taboo in a lot of congregations, and many preachers avoid it like the plague. In this insightful article David Lose, the noted author, speaker and scholar, describes the lessons that transformed him into a fan of talking about financial stewardship From Luther Seminary’s Center for Stewardship Leaders. (Photo: Fallonyates, Creative Commons)

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