An inside job?

RCL Lectionary Reflection for September 22, 2019
In a bold move of self-preservation, the manager works within the system to cuts deals with the rich man’s debtors, thus setting up honor for himself once he is dismissed and (unwittingly perhaps) providing honor for his boss/master in the process. The rich man commends the dishonest manager for his shrewd dealings. So what’s the good news for us? (Photo: Rob Brewer, Creative Commons)

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Eight-Part Bible Study: Stewardship Basics

Here’s an in-depth stewardship curriculum that can help your congregation learn not only what the Bible has to say about stewardship, but also how to live as steward-disciples. From the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the free eight-part study invites deep engagement with Scripture as a way to explore what stewardship means to us as 21st century disciples of Christ. Leader and participant guides are offered in PDF download. (Photo © alphaspirit –

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‘Wants vs. Needs:’ Your October ‘Stewardship Toolbox’

The October edition of your free monthly “Stewardship Toolkit” is now available, with weekly Sunday bulletin blurbs based on the Lectionary, an original newsletter article and links to resources — all to aid your stewardship communication and ministry. This month’s theme: “Wants, needs and the path to contentment.” (Photo: Ken, Creative Commons)

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Ban ‘budget talk’ when making your appeals

When it comes to asking God’s people to give to your congregation, avoid any mention of the general budget. Why? Because people simply aren’t inspired by appeals simply to end the year in the black. In this brief video from Horizons Stewardship, Joe Park explains that its more effective to focus on mission plans. (Photo:, Creative Commons)

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