Beyond Unbelief: An Evangelism Lesson from Thomas

RCL reflection, 2nd Sunday of Easter, Year A, April 23, 2017
Like Jesus inviting Thomas to reach out and touch his wounds, we must be willing to invite people into our lives. What they know of Jesus may be only what they see in those who call themselves “Christians.” That means we have both great opportunity and great responsibility, and that my friends is an act of stewardship. (Photo: Doubting Thomas, painting by Caravaggio)

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‘Thinking About Stewardship’ Lesson Series

For folks who an in-depth understanding of stewardship and how it relates to theology and church life, here’s a wonderful free series of six lessons that provide everything you need! Each lesson begins with a 15-minute video talk from Dr. Joel Biermann of Concordia Seminary and has a study guide to let you take it from there! (Photo: Bill Hillegas, Creative Commons)

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Here’s Your May Stewardship ‘Toolbox’

This is a GREAT all-in-one resource for your congregation’s monthly stewardship communications. You’ll find “cut-and-paste” short “Stewardship Snippets” tied to the RCL readings for every Sunday’s bulletin, articles for your monthly newsletter or website. Not only that, you’ll find links for resources to “Tithe,” “Teach,” “Preach,” “Lead,” “Think’, and “Do” stewardship. Prepared by SOLI web editor Rob Blezard. (Photo: Matt Joyce, Creative Commons)

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The Bedrock of Stewardship

When you read Acts 2 about the earliest Christian community, it’s almost too hard for us to believe. Everybody relinquished the idea of personal ownership and sold whatever they had? While Christians uphold values of frugality and charity, the Acts community took it to an extreme. What could turn their hearts to such radical generosity? Hint: It’s the same thing that can turn our hearts! (Photo: John Ragal, Creative Commons)

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