Becoming an Inside Out Community

Revised Common Lectionary Reflection, Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 11, Year B July 22, 2018 Lessons: Jeremiah 23:1-6; Psalm 23; Ephesians 2:11-22; Mark 6:30-34; 53-56 Theme: God’s faithful and generous people continue to be works in progress, becoming a fit dwelling for the Spirit of God.  Key Scriptures:  So he came and proclaimed peace to you who were far […]

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Five key congregational stewardship principles

The stewardship of the gospel begins where we are. It is within and outside the congregation that we share the responsibility and accountability with other stewards of the gospel. And it needs to be said as forcibly as possible that what we do is as important as what we say. Someone has wisely observed that “It is not enough to talk the talk, unless we also walk the walk.” (Photo: Sultry,Creative Commons)

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August ‘Toolbox’ theme: Stewardship of our church

Consistent communication, education and action will help develop a culture of stewardship and generosity in your congregation. The Stewardship Toolbox can help! This month’s free newsletter article and resources center on Stewardship of Our Church. Adopt the theme in your church by encouraging or sponsoring healthy, social activities and fun games. (Photo: Ken, Creative Commons)

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11 things your finance committee should be doing

Everybody agrees a finance committee is essential to a congregation, but many do not have clear guidelines, goals or job descriptions for their members. How can they know whether they’re doing a good job? Here are 11 tasks that a committee should be doing, from Smart Church Management. (Illustration: AJ Cann, Creative Commons)

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