Training Tool: Effective Leadership in the Church:

It’s no secret that more than ever churches need good leadership. But how do you develop leaders? This 60-page training guide can help. Put the case studies and exercises to work in congregational retreats, staff meetings, Christian education classes and other settings.

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A Manual for Year-Round Stewardship

Everybody knows the best stewardship efforts take place 365 days a year, and this manual is designed to help congregational leaders to formulate a vision for year-round stewardship and create a plan for implementing it. The manual gathers together some of the best resources of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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Feasting on Gratitude

Perfect for your fall campaign — here’s a six-week stewardship reflection series on the Lectionary Gospel lessons, beginning Oct. 5. Feasting on Gratitude invites readers to reflect and discuss stewardship principles and practices. Designed to complement and support a congregation’s annual giving campaign, Written for Lectionary Year A in 2011, the series is timely again in 2014. (Photo by JustCookNYC, used by Creative Commons license)

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SOLI Grants for Stewardship Education

Got a creative idea for stewardship eduction? The Stewardship of Life Institute is offering grants to help fund projects to advance stewardship in the ELCA. Applications are submitted online and due on Sept. 15 for the next funding round. See details inside! (Photo by Steven dePolo, used by Creative Commons license.)

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Mission, Gratitude are Keys to Giving

Struggling to provide good ministry with declining resources, many congregational leaders want to know what it takes to boost donations. There is no magic formula, but generally speaking worshipers want to feel their contributions are making a difference. Members give most generously when they feel connected to their church, are grateful for its role in their lives and confident it is contributing to God’s work.

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Plastic Purge

Want to know more about plastics, their effects on humans and the environment, and how to recycle them properly? Here’s a comprehensive article from UTNE Reader by Plastic Purge author Michael SanClements. You’re almost there. Click the title to be redirected. (Photo: Katherine Davis, Creative Commons)

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    Free Ebook: A Theology for Christian Stewardship

    Almost there! Click the headline above to get to “A Theology for Christian Stewardship,” posted on the LCMS’ FaithAflame website.

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    The Hows and Whys of Money Leadership

    Here’s a free, seven-part curriculum for leaders who want to plumb the depths of their congregation’s financial soul.


    Four Gospels, One Way to Live

    Here’s a free online course on biblical stewardship that you can really sink your teeth into. “Four Gospels” pays attention to the stewardship-of-life underpinnings of the four Gospels as it provides a scholarly overview. From Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.