Strange Shepherd Leader King

RCL Reflection, Reign of Christ Sunday, Year A, November 23, 2017
Just who is this King of Everything, this strange leader? Who is this Jesus hanging out in the least, the lost, the poor, and the imprisoned? How were we supposed to know to look for God in the dark and dirty places of the world? We are trained to look for the winners, not the losers in life. Jesus presents an alternative vision for us. (Photo: Waiting for the Word, Creative Commons)

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Teach Children Gratitude: Give Them Less

Maybe we’re all in this kind of a bind: At the same time that we want to give our children things that they desire, we also want them to grow up grateful and not take for granted the things they have. Writing in The Atlantic, Jenn Choi describes how she found ways to instill these values in her children, including not overindulging their wants. With Christmas approaching, these might be timely lessons. (Photo: Paul Downey, Creative Commons)

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Five Ideas for Advent Stewardship

Late in ordinary time is the time that most churches opt to run stewardship campaigns, but Advent is a great season, too, for a lot of reasons. First, worship attendance is usually pretty high. Second, people are already in the giving and spending mood. Third, folks might be open to making a year-end tax deductable gift. Finally, and most important, we want to express gratitude for God’s greatest gift to us. The Archdiocese of Chicago has five good ideas for Advent Stewardship. (Photo: Steve Snodgrass, Creative Commons)

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A Better Way to Plan Stewardship Testimonies

Wise stewardship leaders know the value of asking congregation members to share their personal stories of generosity and giving. But they also know that testimonies about giving and money are powerful when done well and disastrous when done poorly. In this article, author Nate Berneking outlines how an interview approach to testimony can keep things focused and on track. (Photo: Daniel Dionne, Creative Commons)

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