Transfigured or Transmogrified: It’s ALL about Change

Lectionary Reflection for Tranfiguration Sunday, Year A, February 26, 2017
Change is all around us, and a lot of it is downright terrifying. The question is how are we going to deal with it? Will we expect the magical, fantastic change of transmogrification? Or, will we be willing to persist and accept the hard, slow, life-giving change of transfiguration? (Photo: Kathleen Dagostino, Creative Commons)

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Teaching Generosity to Adults

If you Google “teaching generosity,” most of your results will be about teaching children. But what about those tight-fisted adults who need a lesson or two in generosity? Here are some ideas for how to reach the grown-ups with the notion that generosity is good. From Character-In-Action. (Photo: Alan Light, Creative Commons)

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Make Giving Your Lenten Discipline

Lent is a perfect time to embrace spiritual disciplines that will sharpen our awareness, clear our mind, strengthen our self-control and help bring us closer to God. This year, instead of the usual painless disciplines of giving up chocolate or swearing for Lent, consider a discipline that will challenge your will and make a big difference — financial giving.

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Today’s Donors Want To See Impact

Sure, your older members -- and to some degree even the boomers -- will give to your church out of duty or habit. But younger generations give because they know their donations are making a difference in the world. Are you telling your congregants the impact that their money is making? Here's how, from MinistryMatters. (Photo: Bill McChesney, Creative Commons) … [Read More...]

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