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RCL Reflection, 22nd Sunday after Pentecost, Prop. 24, Year B, Oct. 21, 2018
Do you want to be first? The only way for that to happen is to lose yourself in Jesus. Take your eyes off all that the world tells you matters, and love God with all your being and your neighbor as yourself. Yes, being a “slave of all” is indeed good stewardship because it will lead you into the way of real and abundant life—first and always. (Photo: Wonderlane, Creative Commons)

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Object lesson on stewardship: French fries!

Folks can learn a lot about stewardship through this simple lesson dealing with the “french fry tax” that many youth and children have to endure. This funny, well-done Youtube video explains it all in about two minutes. Perfect for Sunday school, youth group or a temple talk. (Photo: Keith McDuffee, Creative Commons)

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November ‘Toolbox’ explores stewardship and gratitude

Here are essential “tools” for your monthly stewardship effort. The Toolbox is MSWord file with “cut-and-paste” bulletin blurbs, a newsletter article and liks for resources to “Teach,” “Preach,” “Think’, and “Do” stewardship. This month’s theme is Stewardship and Gratitude. (Photo: Dylan Foley, Creative Commons)

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Fresh ways for leaders to think about money

“If you’re going to be effective in ministry, you have to become comfortable talking about money. Few church leaders I know are,” writes church consultant Carey Nieuwhof. Those who don’t address money are generally leading their congregations to bankruptcy. Nieuwhof offers seven good ideas. (Photo:, Creative Commons)

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