Fishin’ for Folk

Narrative Lectionary Reflection, Third Sunday after Epiphany, Year 3, January 22, 2017
Is responding to Jesus’ call to discipleship a stewardship issue? More specifically, does it make a difference how we respond to Jesus’ call? We’ve heard the “fish for people” lesson; it’s not a new story, and it still has meaning today. (Photo: W. Scott, Fotolia, Thanks!)

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Teaching Youth about Money and Possessions

Here’s a PDF guide from to help you talk with teens about money and possessions. You’ll find scripture references, games, and thought-provoking questions to help your youth explore stewardship of God’s abundance. (Photo: Wayne Miller, Creative Commons)

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What Would Happen if the Church Tithed?

Statistically, church giving is a long way from the biblical benchmark of a tithe — 10 percent. And it’s too bad, because universal tithing would create a wave of benevolence, goodwill and mission that would wash away much human suffering and pain. But the truth is, giving is NOT a money issue, but a heart […]

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The Most Important Stewardship Job Ever!

It’s not the person who collects the money, counts the money or deposits the money. It’s not the person who heads up the annual campaign or chooses a stewardship theme, writes Rebekah Simon-Peters. It’s not the person who collects the money, counts the money or deposits the money. In fact, the most important stewardship job has nothing to do with money. (Photo: MichiganFirstCU) … [Read More...]

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