We can all benefit from God’s ‘holy composting’

RCL Reflection, 3rd Sunday in Lent, Year C, March 24, 2019
If you’re feeling like a barren fig in a vineyard full of lush grapes, don’t despair. If you’re easily distracted about predictions of gloom and doom and the connection of sin to disaster, take a deep breath and refocus on the God who loves you beyond all measure. Who knows what can happen with a little divine TLC? (Photo: Oregon State University, Creative Commons)

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Learn home composting and reduce garbage waste

Composting at home is good stewardship of the environment, and it’s easy, too! Don’t worry about a smelly mess or complicated formulas. There are many options and possibilities. Check out this article and get started reducing your trash and improving your soil. (Photo: de-olwen-dee, Creative Commons)

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Yes, you can beat generosity burnout

Most of us like to be generous with our time, talents, and resources, but too much of a good thing CAN lead to burnout. In this Harvard Business Review article, author Adam Grant and Reb Rebele discuss ways to avoid burnout and continue to be generous. How might their observations help your ministry? (Photo: Dennis Skley, Creative Commons)

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Ignore digital giving at your church’s peril!

Go into a supermarket or restaurant and watch how many people pay with cash. It’s a small number and dropping all the time. As our nation moves towards a cashless economy, churches that have no online and digital options will lose out. Here are some ideas to get you going from Rob Blezard, SOLI web editor.

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