Glimpsing God’s glory

RCL Lectionary Reflection, Transfiguration Sunday, Year A, February 23, 2020
No matter how you approach the Transfiguration, be sure to offer folks a preview through this story, a small moment of bright hope and promise of the true scope of the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Trinity. Help them to pay attention, to see God at work in the world. Photo: Derek M. Swanson, Creative Commons)

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Experience the joy of spiritual disciplines this Lent

Lent is a time for renewed focus on matters of the spirit and practices that will refresh our connection with the Almighty. This year bring a study and experience of spiritual disciplines to your congregation. This handy group-study guide from the United Methodists of Greater New Jersey can help. (Photo: mwms1916, Creative Commons )

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How generosity fuels the ‘big picture’ in your church

Everybody wants their church grow, not just in donations and membership, but also in spiritual depth and breadth. Nourishing generosity is a key that can help unlock the potential, says this article from Check out the links to other resources, as well. (Photo © laurent hamels –

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Time to reboot (and rename?) the stewardship committee?

In too many congregations the “Stewardship Committee” is the last place anyone wants to serve because it’s earned a nasty reputation as the team that badgers, begs and coerces money from tight wallets. If this is the case in your congregation, why not “reboot” and “rename” the committee? (Photo: a.mina, Creative Commons)

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