Embracing the Holy (and wholly) mystery of Trinity

RCL Reflection, Trinity Sunday, Year C, June 16, 2019
Instead of trying to “human-splain” the Trinity we embraced its mystery and celebrated the communion of every last molecule of creation in the divine dance of the Trinity? What if we admitted that we don’t have all the answers, that we’re a bit unsure of the way ahead, but that we’re open to whatever the Holy Spirit reveals? (Photo: Fergal Mac Eoinin, Creative Commons)

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Bible study: Find financial freedom

Our relationship with money has spiritual consequences. If we’re not careful, our money and our possessions end up owning us. Perhaps that’s why the bible has literally thousands of verses dealing with money. This study guide from helps explore financial freedom. (Photo © Alfredo Muller –

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July ‘Toolbox’ theme: Stewardship of civic freedoms

Because July is the month of Independence Day, the July Toolbox theme is “Stewardship of our Civic Freedoms.” You’ll find a Word file with newsletter article, RCL-based bulletin “stewardship snippets,” and web links to resources to help your congregation celebrate the theme.  All for free.

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How does your church feel about finances?

Based on congregants’ collective experiences and common wisdom, every congregation has underlying assumptions about what constitutes good financial practices. A wise leader who recognizes the patterns is able to more easily bring about positive change. From Christianity Today. (Photo: Anssi Koskinen, Creative Commons)

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