Burning down the house

RCL Lectionary Reflection, Proper 28 (33), Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, November 17, 2019
We as the church face some stiff challenges, but that’s okay. There’s nothing that God cannot make a way from, and we are promised that God will never leave us. Even if our structures crumble and burn to the ground, the Spirit will resurrect something new from the ashes. Are we ready for God to do a new thing? (Photo: Peter Kaminski, Creative Commons)

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Teaching about climate change in the church

Here’s a comprehensive climate change teaching guide to help you can use in faith-based settings. These resources reflect teachings of the Finnish Lutheran Church but are easily adaptable to your particular context. “Climate change is not just a problem related to natural sciences, but it is above all a moral and ethical issue strongly linked to justice and values,” writes the project’s author and administrator, Pinja Sipari. (Photo: Peter Bowden, Creative Commons)

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Stewardship Toolbox explores ‘Your perfect Christmas gift’

Use our monthly Toolbox to keep your congregation thinking about stewardship with a free original newsletter article, weekly Sunday bulletin “Stewardship Snippets” and links to dig into a stewardship theme. This month: “Your perfect Christmas gift.’”  (Photo: Per Erik Strandberg, Creative Commons)

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Bivocational church leadership offers opportunity

Bivocational ministry is increasingly the norm, and while it is a challenge, it also presents an opportunity to understand God’s work in us in new and exciting ways,” writes Jessica Young Brown, assistant professor of counseling and practical theology at Virginia Union University. “As we adjust to this new way of doing ministry, it’s helpful to frame the changing landscape as an opportunity rather than a tragedy.” (Photo: Castle Church Brewing Company)

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