Gifts we have been given for the common good

RCL Reflection for the 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C, Jan. 20, 2019
Jesus’ first miracle came through an affirmation of his mother’s trust and faith in who he really is. She knew he could do what she asked, and she did not hesitate. Maybe the church needs a little “motherly intervention” today to jump start our gifts for ministry and mission. (Photo; Pieter Bruegel, Art in the Christian Tradition, Creative Commons)

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Hunger 101: A curriculum to move the mind and heart

Educators in Georgia, working with the Atlanta Food Bank, put together this wonderful 76-page curriculum to teach about hunger in America. Insightful, creative exercises help explain the causes and possible solutions to poverty and hunger. Adapt it for your adult and children’s Christian education. (Photo: FMSC Distribution Partner – Phillippines, Creative Commons)

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For stewardship results, start a conversation about giving

Don’t just preach stewardship. Research into religious giving indicates that Christian leaders should broaden the conversation and talk to people about the meaning of their life and work, says David King, the director of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving. Nice interview from Duke Divinity School’s Faith & Leadership. (Photo © mangostock –

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Here are 10 leadership resolutions for 2019

It’s not too late to adopt some new leadership resolutions for the new year! Check out these suggestions from the Center for Creative Leadership to help you, those you lead, and your organization develop stronger skills and practices. You’ll also find links to related articles to help you explore the suggestions more deeply. (Photo: Photo © Robert Kneschke –

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