Lavish Love and Costly Stewardship

RCL Reflection, Palm/Passion Sunday Year B, March 25, 2018
The liturgy for this Sunday does not leave much room for a lengthy sermon, so why not consider a short exploration on the unnamed woman’s act of pouring out costly ointment on Jesus’ head was a lavish act of love and radical stewardship. How do we today show our love for Jesus. (Photo: Bible Museum, Creative Commons License)

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Bible Verses Reveal Godly Stewardship

Stewardship is not about fundraising, but rather God’s mission in the world, and our mission as followers of Jesus .  This resource from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship lists Bible verses for study, as well as a format for stewardship and adult education groups.

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Your April 2018 ‘Stewardship Toolbox’

This is a great all-in-one resource for your congregation’s monthly stewardship communications. You’ll find “cut-and-paste” short “Stewardship Snippets” tied to the RCL readings for every Sunday’s bulletin, articles for your monthly newsletter or website. Also links for resources to “Teach,” “Preach,” “Lead,” “Think’, and “Do” stewardship. Prepared by SOLI web editor Rob Blezard. (Photo: Ken, Creative Commons)

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A 12-Month Stewardship Plan for Your Church

Stewardship is more than just a six-week campaign in the fall, yet most congregations lack a strategy for anything else. Here, from the United Methodist Church, is a handy guide with links to help keep financial stewardship awareness simmering all year long.

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