A Few Choice Words

RCL Reflection, 4th Sunday of Easter, Year B, April 22, 2018
Three simple words, LOVE, GOOD, and JESUS, are woven into our lessons today, and my prayer for you as you preach and teach is that you will weave them in ways that take root in those who hear them. May they be water for thirsty souls, bread for the hungry heart, and wine for the wounded spirit. (Photo: Jeff Djevdet, Creative Commons)

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School Your Congregation on Church Finance

Most folks probably don’t think about church finances beyond their own gifts. But if they knew more, they might give more. Why not tell your congregation how your church collects, processes and distributes the dollars it receives? From the United Methodist Church. (Photo © Chris Brignell –

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New Tax Rules Could Cut Charitable Giving by Billions

Churches and other nonprofit institutions could see billions less in bequests because of changes in the federal Estate Tax under the recently approved tax overhaul, says this expert. Of course, wealthy people can still give as much as they want to charity, but they have less incentive to do so. (Photo: 401(k) 2013, Creative Commons)

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Should Ministers Know What Congregants Give?

“To know, or not to know?” That is the question that Hamlet surely never had to ask, but church leaders wrestle with it as they ponder whether to look at the donation records for their church. Faith & Leadership explores the “common assumptions” with the “actual facts.” (Photo: Edith Soto, Creative Commons)

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