blessing & hope

RCL Lectionary Reflection, Second Sunday of Advent, Year A, December 8, 2019
Blessing and hope: These two words weave a unifying thread through the lessons for the Second Sunday of Advent. Yes, there are a couple of discomforting and unusual images, including John’s reference to a human “brood of vipers,” but there’s much more of a spirit of anticipation for a new world, a new way, and a messiah to lead into that promised kin-dom. What a blessing indeed! (Photo: Christi Belcourt, Creative Commons)

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Relearn the wonder and generosity of Advent

In the middle of the bustle of the Advent season, it can be easy to forget the reason that we celebrate in the first place. This series of five Advent reflections from Stewardship Services is designed to help Christians recapture the wonder of Advent and discovers the generosity in unconventional places.

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Worship and justice in the feast of first fruits (Deuteronomy 26)

What does “first fruits giving” really mean? Exploring the feast of first fruits in Deuteronomy 26 gives us valuable insights, blogger Morgan Guyton writes in Patheos. “This feast of first fruits helps to illustrate the relationship between sacrificial worship and justice that has always been part of God’s teaching.” ((Photo: AlicePopkorn, Creative Commons License)

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A shift in mindsets will help move folks into God’s generosity

What does it take to move your congregation into God’s amazing abundance and generosity? In this two-part essay, ELCA Pastor and stewardship leader Larry Strenge suggests three mindsets that we can cultivate to help our congregations go. Great ideas from Luther Seminary’s Center for Stewardship Leaders.  (Oregon DOT, Creative Commons)

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