Jesus extends an invitation to join the ‘Suffer Club’

21st Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Reflection, October 17, 2021
The disciples still don’t get it; Jesus’ style of leadership involves following, serving, and suffering. We’re still invited to join the club with faithful disciples from all times and places. Are you ready, willing, and able? (Photo © IngridHS –

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Five lessons from Paul on the benefits of giving

Paul urged his readers to make giving a natural and regular part of their Christian walk. He saw it as a way for believers to care for each other and to stay unified in purpose. Here, from, are five lessons for your consideration.

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Toolkit explores ‘Thankfulness and Contentment’

Being thankful for what you have, rather than craving what you lack, is a pathway to contentment. That’s the theme of November’s Stewardship Toolkit, with a newsletter article and RCL-based snippets for the Sunday bulletin. (Photo © Les Cunliffe –

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How to fix your biggest problem in ministry funding

As established patterns of giving have eroded in our congregations in recent years, giving has become much less reliable. Church leaders need to be aware of the changes and take proactive steps to counter them. Good advice from Horizons Stewardship.

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