Unbind and let go

RCL Reflection for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year A, March 29, 2020
We have our wonderfully rich text this Lenten season, Year A, but church continues to look quite different this year thanks to COVID-19. Check out our ideas for digital connections, preaching, teaching, stewardship, and time with children and youth. Thank you for your faithful ministry! (Photo: panache2620, Creative Commons)

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Don’t forgo teaching stewardship and generosity in tough times

Sure, there’s a virus that’s turning life (and church) upside down. But that’s no excuse to stop teaching about generosity and stewardship. Joe Park of of Horizons Stewardship gives some excellent advice and some easy-to-communicate reasons. Check it out! (Photo: Stuart Pilbrow, Creative Commons)

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Keep donations flowing during the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crises spells financial trouble for many congregations that are suspending group worship and activities. It’s too often the case that people give ONLY when they are physically present in church. There are, however, steps congregational leaders can take to maintain robust ministry and keep donations flowing. (Photo: AJC1, Creative Commons)

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10 tips for pastoral care during the virus crisis

Ministry is hard under any circumstances, but the current emergency is ramping up stress, big time. These 10 guidelines for pastoral care, published in Christian Century this month, offer sound advice to vocational church workers. Pay particular attention to #10. Please take care of you, too! (Photo: © Christy Thompson –

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