The power of witness

RCL Reflection for the Third Sunday of Easter, Year B, April 18, 2021
Just what does it mean to bear witness in a world in which so much runs counter to the teachings of Jesus? Each of this week’s lessons provides its own unique entry point for preaching and teaching. Our job as hearers of the word is to open our hearts and minds, or better yet to allow the Christ to open our hearts and minds to myriad possibilities.

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Seven lessons learned from the generosity of Jesus

How should a faithful Christian handle finances, when Jesus’ example and instructions make no sense according to the world’s economy and values? offers seven lessons from Jesus about life in God’s economy. (Photo: ThrasherDave, Creative Commons)

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2nd Easter in the Covid era offers glimpses of future

U.S. Christians celebrate a second Easter under pandemic rules, churches are reckoning with new ways of volunteering, stewardship and, above all, worship. This Easter’s experience may offer insight into the future. (Photo: Kent Christoffersen, Creative Commons)

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