The Decalogue: More than shall and shall not

RCL Reflection, Third Sunday in Lent, Year B, March 7, 2021
Idols and false gods are all around us; returning to the Decalogue reminds us of what really matters and that we love and serve a God who loves and desires the best for all of creation. They provide guidance for optimal living, individually and in community. This is good news that we can use and put into everyday practice. (Image: George Bannister, Creative Commons License)

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Teach folks to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’

“Gratitude is a miracle-creating attitude. It has the power to transform seemingly unsolvable situations,” writes Rick Warren. Moreover, it’s a key to becoming a good steward of God’s abundance. In this article from Warren lists the steps to developing an “attitude of gratitude” that you can learn and teach others. (Photo: Tiger Girl, Creative Commons)

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Updates to the CARES Act may help your church

Some provisions of the 2020 CARES Act have been extended or modified for 2021, with significant implications for churches and other nonprofits that rely on philanthropy. This handy resource lists some of the most important provisions and provides links for those who want to get more detailed information. From the ELCA Foundation.

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Leveraging your church’s assets to boost ministry

Your church may have more resources than you think! In this podcast crom the Lewis Center for Church Leadership, Jacqueline Jones-Smith explains how Christ Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, once slated for closure, turned itself around by embracing a more entrepreneurial mindset and taking stock of its physical and human assets.

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