Join in the dance of mystery and grace

RCL reflection for Holy Trinity Sunday, May 26, 2024.
Mystery. In this scientific, secular and ultra-traditional age, is there room for mystery? Yes! Oh yes! We need it more than ever! And Holy Trinity Sunday is the perfect occasion to explore it with your congregation. Deacon Timothy Siburg explains.

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Greedy? Who me?

Most of us think about greed as a problem for the super-rich, but it’s actually a pervasive, universal human sin. This Bible study from does an excellent job of describing the perils – and remedies – for greed. (Photo: Creative Commons)

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June Toolkit: ‘Your congregation’s best assets’

Is your church fulfilling God’s mission? Are you struggling? And what assets does you church have to grow in mission and strength? June’s free Stewardship Toolkit explores. Plus, weekly RCL-based bulletin snippets. (Photo: Neil T, Creative Commons)

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Stewardship 101: Invitation and guide

It’s always a good time to get serious about stewardship, but spring is a best to start planning for fall. This free guide from Luther Seminary can help orient and equip your team to guide your congregation to better financial stewardship.

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