Life’s not always fair (but God is still good)

RCL Reflection for the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year A, September 20, 2020
Ever have the words “it’s not fair” slip from your lips? If you’re human, the answer is, “Of course!” That’s why the story of Jonah is as timely today as when it was first recounted. What can we learn from Jonah about ourselves, about God, and why it’s better to have a good God than a fair God? (Photo: dadblunders, Creative Commons)

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Traits of authentic Christian community

Acts 2 gives us a wonderful view of what it means to be a community of Christians. This snapshot of the early church offers a template for authentic community that churches should seek to follow. Pastor and author Mike Ayers finds six rich insights to explore. How do these relate to your life and community? (Photo © yanlev –

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What to do about stewardship this fall?

The pandemic has upended so much of church life, the question arises, “How in the world are we supposed to do a stewardship emphasis when we can hardly gather in-person for worship?” Every congregation has its own needs and priorities, but ELCA pastor and author Charles Lane, offers three things to consider. (Photo: Jerrybuckel, Creative Commons)

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‘Share Your Harvest’ is October Toolkit theme

Fall is the time for “Harvest Festivals,” but with so many of our siblings hurting from the Covid-19 crisis, it’s a ripe time to urge people to share their plenty with those in need. That’s the theme for October’s free Stewardship Toolkit, which includes an original newsletter article, Sunday bulletin snippets and more. (Photo: Neil T, Creative Commons)

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