A very COVID Advent: from formless to faithful

First Sunday of Advent Year B, November 29, 2020
The Year B readings are just about right for these crazy times, calling us to a different way of preparing for the arrival of the Messiah. The lessons this week don’t fall into the warm and fuzzy category, rather they are designed to shake us out of our complacency, seasonal nostalgia, and consumption. (Image: Turalbus, Creative Commons)

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Thanksgiving ideas for Sunday school

Whether your Christian education program is via online Zoom sessions or in-person classes, Thanksgiving offers a wonderful opportunity to teach about important faith principles and values we all hold dear, such as abundance, providence, gratitude and sharing. Here are some great ideas from (Photo: Marco Verch, Creative Commons)

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Consider shifting your pledges to the New Year

Fall is the time that most churches ask congregants to return pledges or estimates of giving. But for a lot of reasons the timetable’s not ideal, says Horizons Stewardship, which suggests moving the pledging window to January or February. This insightful article tells you why.

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A better way to address a year-end shortfall

Too many congregations use a tired — and less effective — approach to filling a year-end gap in their budgets: They send out letters begging for donations, sometimes even using veiled threats that the church will close. There’s a much better way, says this article from Church Law & Tax. (Photo: Steve Jurvetson, Creative Commons)

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