Like a broken vessel

RCL Reflection, Palm/Passion Sunday, Year A, April 2, 2023
Along with suggestions for your Palm/Passion Sunday worship and ideas for youth and children, we bring a message for all who serve and lead God’s people in worship. (Photo: Ian Stannard, Creative Commons)

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Being grateful: a biblical key for discipleship living

What difference does gratitude make in our lives? A lot! Being grateful is a foundation for a happy, fulfilling life as a follower of Jesus. This article from explains. Check out its other helpful links. (Photo: Tiger Girl, Creative Commons)

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Check out these 15 Easter fundraising ideas

Because Easter brings more people to church than any other occasion besides Christmas, it offers an ideal time to invite folks to contribute to the congregation’s finances. Vanco offers 15 ideas. (Photo: Bigstockphoto)

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Stewarding space and reaching the community

With declining membership and revenue, a congregation worked with a developer to build low-income housing on its property. It was a win-win for church and community. From the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving.

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