It’s just good stewardship to follow God’s ways

RCL reflection, Sixth Sunday after Epiphany, Year A. February 12, 2023
A theme runs through this week’s Scripture readings: God calls us to be stewards of our lives in ways that love God and our neighbors. Mary Simonson Clark explores. (Photo: John Taylor, Creative Commons)

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The Spirituality of Stewardship

There is a strong connection between discipleship, spirituality and stewardship, says Archbishop Paul J. Etienne, Archdiocese of Seattle. Study and learn from his short video and accompanying summary of a pastoral letter on stewardship. Great for groups or individuals.

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Engage your regular, religious givers in 2023

Religious donors are more likely to be regular in their giving than other philanthropically inclined folks, but that doesn’t mean we can take them for granted, says David King of the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving. He offers great tips.

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Is your congregation making an impact?

Church leaders pray their congregation is stewarding all its resources effectively and making difference, but how do they know? The Lewis Center for Church Leadership discusses some new ways to gauge success. (Photo: Richard Wagoner via Flickr)

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