Faith, doubt, and taking swimming lessons

RCL Reflection for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost Year A, August 9, 2020
Learning to be a disciple of Jesus is like learning to swim. It doesn’t come naturallyLike Peter, we must “swim” as Christians, entering fully into the chaos and beauty and brokenness of our world. We must keep our eyes upon the Christ and trust the wisdom and accompaniment of the Holy Spirit. (Photo: Jon Connell, Creative Commons)

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Explore the sin of ‘greed’ through Bible verses

Money isn’t bad, but Jesus warns in Luke 15:12, “Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.” What is greed, and how does it affect us? The Catholic Church ranks greed as one of the seven “deadly” sins. This resource from looks at greed by examining Bible passages. (Photo: © f9photos –

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13 ways to encourage greater generosity

During the Sunday offering, are you asking your congregation to “give money” or are you inviting them to participate in what God is doing in the world? Sadly, most stewardship efforts fail to inspire generosity, but United Methodist Church has suggestions on how to change that. (Photo: Gayle Nicholson, Creative Commons)

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Faith before finances: Craft a theology of stewardship

Theory is great, but putting it into practice is even better. Here are eight steps you and your leadership team can follow to develop a written theology of stewardship to guide and grow your church’s culture of generosity. By Horizons Stewardship’s Joel Mikell, via Vanco. (Photo: Photo (c) Keren Tan, ShareAlike License)

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