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RCL Reflection, Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 10, Year A. July 12, 2020. The reasons people stay away from church today are many. Just ask any “none” or “done.” But Paul gives us hope for both the church and God’s people. We need to ask God to change our mindsets to redirect our church in its mission. (Photo: Eli Christman, Creative Commons)

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It’s God’s world: Learning about climate change

Now more than ever it’s time to help God’s people understand the responsibility humans have to care for God’s wonderful, perfect creation. This five-session study guide for congregations can help. Prepared by the National Council of Churches, posted on Interfaith Power & Light’s website.

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Our Future Church: August’s Toolkit’s theme

For clarifying our thoughts and helping to reset priorities, there’s nothing like a crisis. And Covid-19 is one for the books. August’s “Stewardship Toolkit” explores how we can lessons to steward our church for the future. It has a newsletter article, Sunday bulletin “snippets” and resource links. (Photo: Michael Coghlan, Creative Commons)

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Should your church launch a nonprofit corporation?

It’s a dilemma that many congregations face: Church funds have seeded a childcare program, outreach or other ministry, but now its outgrown the congregation’s support. Maybe it’s time to spin it off as its own nonprofit, says this article from Faith & Leadership. (Photo: Photo: Niuton may, Creative Commons)

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