Rx for broken lives and faltering faith

Lectionary reflection, 18th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B, Proper 21
As the most obese people on the planet, Americans need to do something about our poor health. But is our spiritual health much better? Fortunately, the Bible tells us clearly how to get into good spiritual shape! (Photo: CarbonNYC, Creative Commons)

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Teach young children the value of sharing

It’s never too early to help youngsters understand the value of cooperation and sharing. But how? Here is a great lesson based on Acts 2:44-47 that can get little kids thinking in the right direction. Geared toward preschoolers, but can be adapted for older kids. Creative ideas from Cheri Gamble.

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October Toolkit explores ‘A harvest of sufficiency’

SOLI’S Stewardship Toolkit offers a free monthly newsletter article, plus weekly RCL-based “snippets” for your Sunday bulletin. October’s toolkit focuses on how God calls us to examine our “harvest” and find sufficiency, contentment, and generosity.

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Practice stewardship of yourself as a leader

Church professionals are notorious for overworking to the point of burning themselves out, and then it’s also the church and God’s people who suffer. In this blog post, Carey Nieuwhof talks about his own burnout and recovery, and what he learned from it. (Photo © laurent hamels –

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