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RCL Reflection for the Second Sunday after the Epiphany Year B,
January 17, 2021
Jesus calls: “Follow me.” He meets us where we are, but this is not where the Christ expects us to stay. Folks, faithful discipleship is hard work. We have to keep Jesus front and center every day of the week and every hour of the day. We have to go wherever Jesus leads, 24/7. (Photo: TeeCee, Creative Commons)

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‘Our Daily Gifts’ teaches about thankfulness

We could all use a refresher course in gratitude, so this exercise is right on. “Our Daily Gifts” is a contemplative practice that helps participants explore all the gifts we receive from God’s abundance. It may be used in an educational or worship setting, with people of all ages. From the Episcopal Diocese of California. (Photo: Tiger Girl, Creative Commons)

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February Toolkit focus: ‘Love Your Neighbor’

In our troubled times, we could sure use more love for our neighbor. February’s edition of the Stewardship Toolkit invites stewards to focus on what Jesus called the second-greatest commandment. The theme is explored in a newsletter article, weekly RCL-based “Stewardship Snippets” and some web resources. (Photo © Les Cunliffe –

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Non-financial ways to reward your leadership

You can’t pay all the volunteer leaders in your church for the work they put into your congregation, and you can’t possibly run the church without them. But there are some really terrific ways to reward your folks that won’t tax your budget at all, Carey Nieuwhof explains. (Photo: ThinkPanama, Creative Commons)

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