‘But it’s not fair!’

RCL Reflection for Proper 20, Year A. Sept. 24, 2023.
God gives away love, mercy and forgiveness so freely that it may seem unfair to us. Human nature feels anger and jealousy. But generosity is God’s nature, and our faithful response is to be grateful for all God gives us. Deacon Timothy Siburg explores. (Photo: Creative Commons)

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10 ways to build a stewardship culture at your church

Every church leader would love to develop a church with a culture of robust, faithful generosity. Question is, how? The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas has some key insights! (Photo © laurent hamels –

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Toolkit explores, ‘What do we really own?’

We are born with nothing and we die with nothing, so why do we work so hard to accumulate? October’s free Toolkit explores this with a cut-and-paste newsletter article and Sunday bulletin snippets. (Photo: Per Erik Strandberg, Creative Commons)

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‘The church is not broke’

Though many congregations are challenged by less in offerings, as a whole churches control trillions of dollars worth of assets. Author Mark Elsdon suggests strategies to invest more resources into mission. From Faith & Leadership. (Photo: John Guccione, Pexels)

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