A feast of Word and words

Revised Lectionary Reflection, 3rd Sunday after Epiphany, Year C
January 23, 2022
This week’s lessons provide many opportunities to feast on the Word of God. One may also reflect on the power of words in our communal life, individual faith development, stewardship, and evangelism. (Photo: Rachel-Esther, Creative Commons) Thanks!)

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‘On the Theology of Money’ tackles economic idolatry

Here is a resource for a weighty conversation about the idolatrous role that money occupies in our lives and culture. The United Church of Canada’s 33-page booklet offers good information and guides for study and group discussion. (Photo: 401(K) 2012, Creative Commons)

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February Toolkit: Love Yourself as Your Neighbor

Everybody knows Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves, but how can we do that if we don’t love ourselves? We have to get it right, and that means loving neither self or neighbor greater, but equally. The Toolkit explores with article and weekly snippets. (Photo © Ivelin Radkov –

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Other revenue sources beyond the offering plate

More and more congregations are seeing that relying on just the money received in weekly donations from members to live into the mission God has called them into is no longer enough. Grace Duddy Pomroy of Luther Seminary explores some alternatives.

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