Stewards of Advent hope

RCL reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent, Year A: December 4, 2022
How do we have hope in a world so full of suffering and despair? And where is God? This week’s readings bear witness to the waiting, the long seasons of pain, but also the hope we have in the not-yet-realized promises of God.

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Christmas characters show spirit of generosity

We all love the Bible’s stories of Jesus’ birth, with their heartwarming characters, from the Shepherds to the Magi. But looking at them closely, we can all learn how each gave generously. From the Signatry. (Photo: brockvicky, Creative Commons)

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Tips for making a final push for 2022 offerings

Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit, or maybe it’s just the end of the tax year, but many Christians give most generously in the month of December. Vanco offers these 15 tips to encourage year-end donations. (Photo © June Reed –

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Lead by example to elevate stewardship discourse

The term of “stewardship” gets a bad rap — too narrowly associated with money. Church leaders can help by modeling stewardship to their congregations. From ChurchExecutive. (Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simões, Creative Commons)

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