Follow God’s script and discover what’s important

RCL Reflection, Fourth Sunday ater the Epiphany, Year A. January 29, 2023.
God’s teachings help us know what’s important, but it’s so easy for us to follow the world’s “script” for our lives. This week’s lessons help us find new scripts to follow as God’s people. Joel Bergeland explores

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The ‘1 percent’ time plan for deeper discipleship

How much of your time can you invest to grow in deeper discipleship? The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod suggests “1 percent” — 14 minutes a day – as a starting point. Explore and share this bulletin insert. How can you live into it? (Photo: Mat Brown,

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Engage your regular, religious givers in 2023

Religious donors are more likely to be regular in their giving than other philanthropically inclined folks, but that doesn’t mean we can take them for granted, says David King of the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving. He offers great tips.

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Church giving and middle class shrinking. Now what?

Economic, social and philanthropic trends point to difficulty ahead for congregation funding, Joe Park of Horizons Stewardship writes, but he suggests ways to position your church to cope. (Photo: Steve Jurvetson, Creative Commons)

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