Seeds of God’s Realm & the Father’s Day switcheroo

RCL reflection for Proper 6, Year B. June 16, 2024. Seeing that this is Father’s Day, you might want to preach instead on the readings for Proper 8. But if Proper 6 is on tap, the readings from Ezekiel and Mark have a lot to say about how God gives growth. Pastor Rob Blezard explores. (Photo: Wordridden, Creative Commons)

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Using ‘The Way of Love’ in your congregation

The Episcopal Church came up with a wonderful discipleship program, “The Way of Love.” The folks at Virginia Theolgical Seminary’s Lifelong Learning team offer resources and strategies to implement it in your congregation. (Photo: Marco Verch, Creative Commons)

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June Toolkit: ‘Your congregation’s best assets’

Is your church fulfilling God’s mission? Are you struggling? And what assets does you church have to grow in mission and strength? June’s free Stewardship Toolkit explores. Plus, weekly RCL-based bulletin snippets. (Photo: Neil T, Creative Commons)

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Should your church tithe its offerings?

We know the Bible invites believers to tithe their income, but how about churches? Tithing their income may be a good way to support the denomination, lead a community effort or fund a special project. It also sets an example! Patheos explores.

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