Ready for Beloved Community?

Revised Common Lectionary Reflection, Trinity Sunday, Year A, June 7, 2020
What might it look like today to really be the Beloved Community, an expression of church and society that includes all people in just and equitable decisions affecting life, opportunity, and wellbeing? What kind of “Body” does Christ want us to be for him now? What is the Spirit saying to the church? (Photo: Jason Hargrove, Creative Commons)

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‘Generosity of Spirit’ in 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Generosity names not merely something we do, but an admirable quality of character, something we are. Undergirding the character of truly generous people is a special awareness of themselves, others, and God’s gracious provision for the world, and this understanding inspires genuinely generous activity. From Baylor University’s Institute for Faith and Learning. (Photo © laurent hamels –

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Five good reasons to talk to your congregation about planned giving

Most planned gifts come in the form of bequests or beneficiary designations. If you’re hesitant to talk about this type of giving at your church, you are hardly alone, but your congregation might be missing out on some ministry-changing generosity! This United Methodist Church article gives five reasons to start talking. (Photo: David Morris, Commons License)

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‘The Chief Steward: A manual on Pastoral Leadership’

Check out this free e-book from Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Published in 1950, the book’s opening chapters offer timeless observations on the role of the pastor and theology of stewardship, even if some of its recommendations are antiquated. (Photo © Elena Schweitzer –

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