Jesus calls us to be ‘good shepherds’ to others

RCL reflection for the 4th Sunday of Easter, Year B. April 21, 2024. The lessons for “Good Shepherd Sunday” reveal that Jesus calls us to “go and do likewise.” A good sermon could say why and suggest how. Elaine Ramshaw explores. (Photo: Publicdomainpictures)

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The biblical roots of generosity and giving

“What is Christian giving? The Bible helps us to answer this question,” begins a 10-page PDF that looks at Scripture to illuminate important aspects of stewardship — Gifts from God, Giving Time, Giving Talent, and Giving Money. A nice primer from the Church of Scotland.

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Improving your church cash flow: Six pointers

Every church leader wants a stable income stream to keep the important ministries going smoothly. Question in these uncertain times is, how? Ken Sloane of the United Methodist Church offers six ideas. (Photo: Creative Commons)

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Trends affecting church leadership this year

Though the Pandemic is over, churches have not fully recovered due to a number of trends that challenge traditional models of ministry. The Lewis Center for Church Leadership explores. (Image:

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