We are What We Eat

Lectionary Reflection for the 12th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B, August 19, 2012

If it’s true that we are what we eat, we who claim to be Christ’s disciples better whet our appetites and feast on Jesus. Why? So that the divine presence and promise infuses our very pores like garlic, and so that we can share this everlasting meal with others.


Grow a Row and a Ministry

America’s Grow a Row, founded in 2002 by Chip Paillux, encourages farmers and gardeners to plant an extra row of produce to provide healthy, fresh food to local food banks. Volunteers are needed to prepare, seed, and harvest the produce. This might be a good opportunity for your congregation to get involved in a new… Read more»


Salad and Stewarship: A Healthy Blend

Check out this article from about hospitals in the Houston, Texas, area that are incorporating full-fledged farmers’ markets into their campuses. Preventative medicine is good stewardship, and fresh vegetables and fruits are a much better option than pills and surgery.  Photo by Natalie Maynor used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!


Ample Harvest Helps You Help Others

Calling all gardeners who have a passion for good food, fighting hunger, and stewardship: here’s a group dedicated to getting your excess food to those who need it most in the local community. Click here to learn more about and how you can become involved.  Ample Harvest offers an excellent way to keep excess… Read more»


For Granted– From Whence Cometh Your Food?

JUST LIVING Blog Have you started your preparation and cooking for Thanksgiving yet? For most of us here in North America, the meal will be a dandy one replete with family recipes, everyone’s favorites, and a table or buffet filled with delicacies. Even those who will be sharing community meals or serving in shelters and… Read more»


Waste Not Strategies for the Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas just over a month away, food waste is something good stewards should avoid. The Earth Watch Institute offers 10 tips to reduce food waste during this celebratory season, remembering that “Consumers in developed countries such as the United States are responsible for 222 million tons of this… Read more»


Hunger of the Soul

Today my appointment schedule runneth over, and it sent me driving all over God’s creation to five appointments, including a tedious clergy gathering and two grueling pastoral visits — to a dying woman in a nursing home and a parishioner in deep crisis. But at home, my weary soul found sweet refreshment, as it often… Read more»

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Plenty: Satiating both Physical and Spiritual Hunger

Lectionary Reflection for the 7th Sunday after Pentecost, July 31, 2011
This week’s texts invite us to contemplate both physical and spiritual hunger and our role as Christians in being filled and filling others for the sake of the gospel. Photo by hoyasmeg used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!


The Disciple’s Guide to Lavish Love

Valentine’s Day may be just a memory, but the disciple’s call to lavish love is an everyday reality. What does it mean to practice lavish love? Read on and see what this week’s lectionary texts have to say. (Photo by rococohobo used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)


What I Learned on My Sabbatical

When Pastor Jim Ortberg, editor-at-large of Leadership Journal, went on a seven-week sabbatical, he got a lot more than just some rest and relaxation. He learned a lesson on how to live.  His advice speaks to all pastors and people of God.  (Photo “Reflections in a Coffee Cup” by Gunjan Karun used by Creative Commons… Read more»