Going Green

Three Simple Actions: Modeling Stewardship for ‘Tweens

Chris McKenna, Director of Middle School Ministry at Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Caledonia, Michigan, shares three simple actions to help ‘tweens become better stewards of God’s gifts. (Photo: Jose Kevo, Creative Commons)

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Sticky Faith: What keeps kids connected to church

When I first started in youth ministry, I did everything I could think of to attract and engage high school youth, including crazy games, youth-only worship with contemporary music and discussions of relevant topics.But only a handful of the youth I worked with in that year are attending church today. My extensive efforts at reaching them seem to have made little difference. What does it take to develop faith that “sticks” with children? I have a better idea now. (Photo © Vibe Images –


Training Youth Volunteers

Part of good stewardship is successfully training and keeping volunteers. Because youth ministry is traditionally an area of high burnout, the “care and feeding” of volunteers is especially important. Click here to read “5 Keys to Training your Volunteers” by Katie Edwards, posted on the Simply Youth Ministry website. (Photo by susanwd used under Creative… Read more»


Prayer Cultivates Generous Hearts

Here’s a short prayer activity for youth to help them understand prayer as a spiritual discipline and not just a “gimme” list for God. Click here to read more from Rethinking Youth Ministry. (Photo by frotzed2 used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)