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Stewards of One Another

Seventh Sunday after Epiphany Year A Lectionary Reflection
February 23, 2014
Jesus clearly cares about how we treat one another. The “Sermon on the Mount” is full of teachings about proper human relationships. He begins many by referring to traditional law, saying, “You have heard that it was said…” Following the letter and spirit of the law is tough enough, but Jesus ups the ante considerably by doing what he does so well—drawing the circle of inclusion ever wider. (Photo: abhi, Creative Commons)

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Stewardship Lessons for Teens

Here are two free stewardship Bible studies for teens: “More than Enough” and “The Truth about Money” from the ecumenical website (Photo: 401 (K) 2013, Creative Commons)

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Promoting Healthy Congregations

Health is a process, not a thing or state. It is ongoing, dynamic, and ever changing. Health is a direction, not a destination, a once-and-for-all property. Congregational leaders are the key stewards of the congregation as a unit in itself. (Photo by Antti Nissinen, used by Creative Commons license)


Environmental Churches

Check out this short National Geographic Video about Environmental Churches. These congregations are examples of those taking substantial steps to evaluate and reduce their consumption of energy and resources. (Photo: upyernos, Creative Commons)


Tips for Parents Found Here!

Here’s a free, downloadable booklet from the folks at New American Dream. You’ll find excellent suggestions for raising healthy children in the midst of consumer culture. (Photo: crimfants, Creative Commons).


Dealing with Clergy Stress

Because of the demanding nature of their jobs, clergy are at greater risk for stress-related mental health issues, such as burnout, depression and “compassion fatigue,” according to health surveys. The United Methodist Church report talks about the risks and how some congregations and pastors are coping.  (Photo by Bottled Void, used by Creative Commons license.)


Church: Climate Change a ‘Great Demon’

With flooding and other weather incidents across the UK, the Church of England said it will fight the “Great Demon” of climate change, which caused by burning fossil fuels. “Scientists warn about the damage we are creating but we do very little to mitigate the threat, or adapt to it,” said one church official.  (Photo… Read more»

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Freely You Have Been Given

The postmodern church will not be afraid of economics and will have learned the biblical truth that you cannot serve God and money, but sometimes you can serve God better with money than without it. The church’s theology of giving will not be based on guilt, or scorn for possessions, or some abstract principle of “unto the least” makes us increasingly intolerant of inequality. (

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Online Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Where is God calling you to serve? With what gifts has God blessed you to share with the world? These are key questions for any follower of Jesus Christ, and most of us could use a little help answering them. This online spiritual gifts inventory from the ELCA will help your discernment process. (Photo ©… Read more»

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Stewardship in the Gospel of Mark

Perfect for your small-group ministry or Christian education class, an 11-minute video and study guide that explores the subject of stewardship as seen in the Gospel of Mark. Good stuff fro the Center for Faith and Giving (Disciples of Christ). (Photo by Alvanman, used by Creative Commons license)