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On God’s Hopeful Highway

Third Sunday of Advent, Year A, December 11, 2016
What sort of highway do you want to travel each and every day? Do you want to experience life or hurtle through it? Do you desire to chart your course on God’s hopeful highway, among God’s people? (Photo:

Photo: Bark, Creative Commons

Top 10 Excuses Not to Give

If your church is like most, the top third of your givers will contribute about 70 percent of the income, and the bottom third will have no record of giving at all. Zero. Why don’t they give? The stewardship director  from the Anglican Diocese of Toronto lists the top 10 excuses he’s heard. (Photo: Bark, Creative Commons […]

homemade gifts

Make Useful Gifts for Giving!

Tired of giving and getting yet another tie, fruitcake, or dust-catching gift? Try making some of these easy and useful gifts! There’s something for all ages and ability levels. (Photo: Muffett, Creative Commons)

Photo: Steven Depolo, Creative Commons

Why are Christians so Miserable at Charity?

When it comes to giving to the poor, why are Christians so miserable at it? The short answer is human nature, but the long answer has to do with one’s experiences with money. Generally , the more money people have, the less generous they are. Those who have experienced poverty are more likely to help. Here is an exploration, as well as some tips for developing your own generosity. (Photo: Steven Depolo, Creative Commons)


Reconnecting to the Natural World

Richard Louv coined the term “nature deficit disorder” to explain the effects of being disconnected from the natural world. In his new book, Vitamin N, he offer 500 actions people can take to improve their quality of life and their communities. How can our congregations encourage more connection with creation? It’s good stewardship of creation […]


An Advent Welcome

Second Sunday of Advent, Year A, December 4, 2016
Life is too short and the gospel too important to let an annual season like Advent get the short shrift or be transformed into a mere prelude to presents. Fling wide the doors of your heart, home, and church to welcome the stranger–and Jesus. (Photo: Simran, Creative Commons)


Return, Rend, & Receive

Second Sunday of Advent, Narrative Lectionary, Year Three, December 4, 2016
Is this week’s lesson an “Advent Killjoy” or an alternative vision for this season? Give your whole self to God, acknowledge your sins, and as Eugene Peterson puts it in The Message, “Change your life, not just your clothes.” Now watch God’s response! (Photo: David Goehring, Creative Commons)

Saving Money

Start a Congregational Endowment

Does your congregation have an endowment? If not, it’s something you definitely should consider for your long-term financial future. Here are five helpful resources about creating and growing endowments — from the Episcopal Church Foundation. (Photo: Fotolia)

flying high with hope

Brochure: Finding Hope in Hard Times

Whether it’s loss of a job, underemployment or income stagnation amid rising bills, many people today are facing hard financial times. This brochure outlines seven spiritual practices to maintain hope. From the Episcopal Church.


Book Review: ‘The Generous Church’

What difference does generosity make in the church? Why is generosity so vital for congregations? Author Tom Berlin, calls the church to focus on its distinctive mission—to bring to fruition the desire to “make a difference in the world, in the name of Christ.” Review from the United Methodist Church.