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Interdependence Day

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, July 3, 2016
Even though our national holidays are certainly worth celebrating and the abundance and bounty of this land worth giving thanks for, we must never forget that celebrating our interdependence in Christ is far more important. (Photo: jqpubliq, Creative Commons)

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Practical Tips for Better Stewardship Communication

People who attend your church already know something about its ministries, so why don’t they give, or give more, to support them? Sometimes the message is simply not communicated in a way that inspires them to open their hearts or their wallets. Here’s how to do better in this post from RSI Stewardship. (Photo ©… Read more»

Photo: Trocaire, Creative Commons

Bible Study on Fossil-Fuel Divestment

With the effects of climate growing more severe all the time, some churches are ridding their investment portofolios of fossil fuel stocks. This study guide looks at two Gospel parables and what they may say about divestment. From the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. (Photo: Trocaire, Creative Commons)

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Public Stewards. Public Life.

Stewardship is part of every aspect of our lives, and responding faithfully to often polarizing issue in politics and culture can be a challenge. Public Faith in Action, a timely new release by Miroslav Volf and Ryan McAnnally-Linz, is designed to help people of faith both talk about tough issues and take action. (Photo: Michael… Read more»

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People, Passion, and Possibilities

What does it mean to lead a Stewardship Ministry? I have come to understand ithe varied cultures in which we serve. What meets the needs of one church may not meet the needs of another congregation. What works in the culture of a large congregation may not fit into the culture of a smaller congregation. I find three steps to be an effective way for us to design a stewardship ministry.

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Weekly Stewardship Bible Devotion

Keep your mind and heart focused on stewardship with this weekly Stewardship Bible Devotion from This week’s lesson explores the 23rd Psalm. How can we pray, “I shall not want,” when we know many of God’s children are hungry, ill-housed and ill-clothed?

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Pastors, Don’t Ignore Social Media!

Church leaders have lots of reasons for NOT using social media in their ministries — bad ones, says this article from Leadership Journal. It’s the 21st century, after all, and more and more people connect and learn through social media. Karl Vaters takes eight of the common reasons and explains why they are not valid.

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Dedicating Gifts

It takes only about a minute every Sunday, and it helps the congregation understand why their offerings matter. It’s the Dedication of Gifts, and this blog post from Horizons Stewardship says it makes a big difference changing the attitudes and habits of members.

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Why Online Giving is a Must for Your Church

Though fewer and fewer people carry cash or checks these days, most church collections still rely on passing the plate every Sunday or asking people to mail checks to the congregation. That’s why online and electronic giving options are a necessity for congregations, says this article from Worship Facilities. (Photo: Jhaymesisviphotography, Creative Commons)

Photo: Jarrod Doll, Creative Commons

‘Meet the Stewards’ Emphasis

Here’s a stewardship series for this fall! “Meet the Stewards” introduces your congregation to the four members of the Steward family, each of whom exemplifies a different area of stewardship. Sabbatha pays attention to Sunday worship and rest, Christian Ed, learning; Holly (who goes by “Volly”), serving; and Buck, giving. Lift up one of these characters per Sunday as a way to teach lifte stewardship values.(Photo: Jarrod Doll, Creative Commons)