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Lectionary Reflection for the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, October 23, 2016
Why be stingy with mercy toward others when God desires all to be held in the divine grip of grace? When we let go of the need to be right, to be an insider, and to be better than others, we find that life opens up–real life. (Photo: Jimmie, Creative Commons)


Essentials for Time Management

Church leaders face so many demands on their time, it’s no wonder many of us are depleted and stressed most of the time. Blogger David Murray has some tips for how to use time more effectively. (Photo: Grublee,

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Earth Stewardship Experts

Scientists not only know exactly what’s happening to the only planet home we have, they also know how to care for it. The Earth Stewardship webpage of the Ecological Society of America has authoritative information and great tips! (Photo: Bark, Creative Commons)

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More than Giving Money

“Stewardship is another way of talking about ministry, and it would revolutionize ministry if people could think of it in terms of stewardship—that we are accountable to God for what we do and with what he has trusted to us,” says R. Paul Stevens in this Christianity Today interview. (Photo: Keoni Cabral, Creative Commons)

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The 3 i’s of Stewardship

Today, church leaders must appeal to the congregation from a variety of vantage points. There are no magical programs, processes or words that fund a church budget automatically, but some broad understandings of what people are looking for can help. Here are three essential aspects of stewardship, all beginning with the letter ‘i’.

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Talk About Money (when not asking for it)

There is a deep hunger in our culture for honest talk about money and faith. The best wayis to talk about money whenever you can — and not ask for it, argues stewardship writer Grace Duddy Pomroy. From the Center for Stewardship Leaders.

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Reignite Your Passion for Ministry

Passion energizes life and turns the impossible into possible. If you don’t have any passion in your life, ministry will become boring, dull, routine, monotonous. God made you to live passionately and to serve God and God’s people with vitality, vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm. Here are some tips for reigniting passion from (Photo: Andrii… Read more»

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Embracing Electronic Giving

Electronic giving is the preferred method of giving for a majority of church members, according to a recent study. In other settings, people have developed habits of giving that rely on e-giving methods. Many of our congregations, however, haven’t yet responded to these changes, says Luther Seminary’s Adam J. Copeland.


Stewardship of Time Bible Study

For many Americans, time is their commodity most in demand and in shortest supply! This wonderful lesson plan explores a number of Bible passages about time. Plenty for a Christian educator to use to craft anything from a Temple Talk to an all-day workshop! From the Center for Baptist Studies. (Photo: Robert van der Steeg,… Read more»

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The Spiritual Practice of Generosity

If generosity is how we honor and express human value, than any act of kindness counts in the bigger picture. We can all be kind. We can all be generous. This is one of the key teachings of all the world’s religions. So we decided to look into our databases of quotes collected from our reading and see what teachers of our times and earlier ones have said about the spiritual practice of generosity. Read this assortment of quotes and observations, share them, and make them a part of your own development. (Photo: Bert Haymans, Creative Commons)