404 Easter

Take the Zero-Waste Easter Basket Challenge

Stop to consider how much waste is in the average Easter basket: plastic grass, plastic eggs, and plastic packaging. Don’t forget the small plastic toys and unneeded impulse purchases that break and quickly end up in the trash. This year take the challenge of a zero waste Easter basket. Even if you can’t reduce to zero waste every little bit and each effort helps our environment. (Photo by Javcon117, Creative Commons )

Easter: Good News for Fearful Folk

Easter Sunday, Year A, April 24, 2011
As leaders and teachers we have walked through Holy Week and experienced the depth of despair that gives way to Easter joy. We comprehend the radical nature of the resurrection. What about the people in the pews who have not journeyed through? How are we to provide a real sense of the pain and grief that gives way to fear and hope that explodes into joy and delight?

Free Will? What Free Will?

This Lent has taught me that Martin Luther was correct: We have no free will. Our wills are thoroughly corrupted by sin and our selfish desires. I had given up sweets for Lent, but then someone gave me homemade candy. Free will? Not a chance!

Dawn of the Resurrected Dead

Why think of a 1970s horror film at Easter? We need to take a close look at how we script this story, especially for those who haven’t experienced the radical love and grace of our amazing God.

Casting Call for Passion/Palm Sunday & Holy Week

The story of Christ’s passion is compelling, but all too often we hear it as just that—a story told on the Sunday before Easter, a mere blip on life’s radar screen somewhere between the hosannas and the Easter lamb with mint jelly. This year, make a dramatic improvement.

A ReNEWed Creation

Even though we’re still very much a consumer culture, nowadays it’s cool to recycle, reuse and re-value stuff others might throw away. Jesus did that with people. Jesus saw worth in everyone. He knew the truth that God created everything good. Of course quite predictably, he encountered resistance from members of polite society.