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Hey Men! Why Give Money to the Church?

In our culture many men are obsessed with money. Can making money be bad? Only if a man allows it to control his life. Normally when you make it to give it, you control it, not the other way around. Here is some advice for men in dealing with money, from Charisma magazine. (Photo © […]

Church Giving in a Digital World

Be sure to read this article by Matt Morris. Online giving goes hand-in-hand with your worshiping community’s digital presence–something many folks feel is no longer an option. (Photo: © momius – Fotolia.com)

Dealing with Christmas Debt Hangover

Church attendance goes up in January but giving goes down as people begin to pay off the Christmas spending. The Rocket Company offers four ideas for how to help parishioners avoid debt hangover in the future and become better stewards. (Photo: Mike Kline, Creative Commons)

Terminology 101

Here’s a wonderful essay that defines four oft-used words in the world of congregational stewardship: “stewardship,” “tithing,” “giving,” and “annual pledge.” Reprinted from Episcopal Cafe by ECF Vital Practices, you will find the Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck’s thoughts worth pondering and sharing. (Photo: 401K (2013), Creative Commons)

New Report Explores Decline in Church Giving

“The State of Church Giving through 2012: What are Christian Seminaries and Intellectuals Thinking – or Are They?” issued by Empty Tomb, an Illinois-based nonprofit that tracks church giving, suggests a different kind of pastor is needed to address giving in an age of affluence. Despite increased stewardship education in seminaries, the situation is complex and requires […]

Stewardship is a Self-Less Thing

16th Sunday after Pentecost, Year A, Lectionary Reflection
Sept. 28, 2014
This week’s epistle lesson offers a wonderful opportunity to begin a conversation about stewardship without mentioning money, much less asking for any. What are you waiting for? Start the conversation! (Photo: Ricardo Camacho, Creative Commons)

Model Church Financial Policy

Does your congregation have an updated financial policy? If not, here’s a good place to start. LifeWay and Keith Hamilton provide a downloadable 2-page model policy that you can use or build on. (Photo: Ken Teegardin, Creative Commons)

10 Things You Should Know About Online Giving

Wanting to get started with online giving in your congregation? Be sure to download and read this handy guide from serviceU. It offers 10 considerations plus five books all pastors should read. Click the title to be redirected to the free PDF. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Got a Minute? Watch a Stewardship Tip

Here’s a wonderful buffet of brief video segments from the Center for Faith and Giving featuring pastors and stewardship experts discussing various stewardship topics. Watch these yourself, share them with your stewardship team, or use them as congregational giving moments. (Photo: Ed Brambley, Creative Commons)

You Have to Ask!

Brian Rose is convinced that we have to have the “money” talk in church. In this short article, Rose (lead navigator for Auxano) offers seven actions to get you started and keep you going. Let’s face it, if we don’t ask, the church won’t receive and our ministries will lack funding. (Photo: keoni kabral, Creative […]