Minister gives his sermon from the church pulpit.

10 Suggestions for Effective Stewardship Preaching

Many preachers dread stewardship sermons, no matter how necessary or important it is to preach and teach about generosity and gratitude. Crafting a stewardship sermon that motivates and educates a congregation to action  need not an exercise in drudgery. Ministry Matters (the publication for United Methodist pastors) has some helpful tips.  (Photo © Lisa F.… Read more»

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Preaching is Not Fund-Raising from the Pulpit

Pastors can learn from the way public radio stations ask for money: Unabashedly, highlighting their mission and service, and appealing to the donors’ self-interest and generosity. (Photo by Fallonyates, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!)

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22 Stewardship preaching tips

Pastors, here’s a handy sheet you can keep on your desk while composing your sermon. The tips are brief, thoughtful and inspirational. Most of them serve as reminders of things we need to bear in mind, such as “NEVER shame people into giving. From the Diocese of Ontario, Anglican Church of Canada.

Minister gives his sermon from the church pulpit.

Preaching and Money

Our culture is obsessed with money. We consume well beyond our means, and it places many on a stressful and self-destructive path. Preachers can and should address issues of money, but how? Here are three key points that can help. (Photo © Lisa F. Young –


Advent: A Time for Re-Forming

Lectionary Reflection, First Sunday in Advent, Year B
November 27, 2011

This Sunday’s lessons offer many options for fresh approaches to Advent. Now is the time to invite people into a spiritual season of re-formation, contemplation, readiness, and action. (Photo by BLW Photography used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)


Do You See What I See?

Lectionary Reflection Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year A, May 30, 2011 In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me; because I live, you also will live.  John 14:19 My youngest daughter recently saw a new optometrist for her annual eye exam. She has complained on and off… Read more»

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Let us go now to Bethlehem!

CHRISTMAS EVE, Year A, Dec. 24, 2010
Our job is to go to Bethlehem right here, right now, in whatever context we live and serve and tell the story of the Messiah’s birth. To do so, however, we first must plumb the depths of our own heart and allow Luke’s story to fill us with wonder and hope and awe, just like those first century shepherds. (Photo by allegri used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

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Here, There, and Everywhere


This week John calls us to repent, to turn, to do something new. God is on the loose in the world–here, there, and everywhere. Maybe we should get serious about looking for that kingdom of heaven come near. (Photo by Per Ola Wiberg, used under a Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

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Stewards of Advent: Wake, Watch, and Wait!

FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT, Year A, Nov. 28, 2010
Wake up, sleepy Christian! Don’t be lulled into consumer compliance for the holiday season. Be stewards of Advent and celebrate the texts that call us to radical awareness God at work in the world and role in that work. (Photo by Per Ola Wiberg used under a Creative Commons License. Thanks!)


Thanksgiving Resources

SermonCentral has a trove of sermons, illustrations and worship resources to help make your congregation’s observance of Thanksgiving a meaningful experience. Gratitude, after all, is the root of happiness, generosity and faith.