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Pastors, Don’t Ignore Social Media!

Church leaders have lots of reasons for NOT using social media in their ministries — bad ones, says this article from Leadership Journal. It’s the 21st century, after all, and more and more people connect and learn through social media. Karl Vaters takes eight of the common reasons and explains why they are not valid.

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Dedicating Gifts

It takes only about a minute every Sunday, and it helps the congregation understand why their offerings matter. It’s the Dedication of Gifts, and this blog post from Horizons Stewardship says it makes a big difference changing the attitudes and habits of members.

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Why Online Giving is a Must for Your Church

Though fewer and fewer people carry cash or checks these days, most church collections still rely on passing the plate every Sunday or asking people to mail checks to the congregation. That’s why online and electronic giving options are a necessity for congregations, says this article from Worship Facilities. (Photo: Jhaymesisviphotography, Creative Commons)

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Tithing Flows from Prayer

Ten years ago First United Methodist church in Enderlin, North Dakota, began a process of spiritual renewal that began with prayer but also included a challenge for members to participate in an experiment involving tithing. The result was a renewed spirit and better finances. From the UMC Communications. (Photo © thitimontoyai22 –

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God’s Five Investment Funds

“Your congregation can invest in eternity by using their money for God’s purposes. It is secure. It is risk free. It comes with guaranteed interest. It yields dividends forever,” writes Rick Warren in this column on What are they? What do you think? (Photo © rangizzz –


‘The Church is Always Asking for Money …’

You hear the complaint time and again, “The church is always asking for money,” but that’s flat wrong! This brief essay convincingly debunks the comment as a total myth. Good reading, posted by the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. (Photo by iqoncept, via


Grocer’s Tips for Going Green

When it comes to our eating and food-buying choices, there are lots of ways to reduce our resource footprint and make choices that are not only healthier for the planet but also for our bodies and our families. Here are some great ideas from Whole Foods.

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Video: God’s Pie

Here’s a lighthearted video that dramatizes the kind of decision-making that goes into our congregational stewardship response. It’ll make you laugh, and it will make you think. From BurningBushMinistry. (Photo: Mrs. Gemstone, Creative Commons)

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Getting Started in Stewardship Ministry

Your congregation will benefit from a blueprint for a comprehensive financial stewardship ministry that serves each participant within the congregation and community. This resource from the New Jersey Synod, ELCA, will help you chart a way forward. (Photo: Planetlight, Creative Commons)

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Does Your Church Lack Financial Cred?

A study suggests that the number one reason American Christians don’t give away more money is due to a lack of trust in the in church. To respond to that, here are thirty-six questions your church should be able to answer about money. Good policy builds trust and creates an environment for generosity to flourish.… Read more»