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Am I Bad for Opposing the Church on Climate Change?

Like a lot of faithful Christians, one writer strongly disagrees with his church’s position that lifts up climate change as a human-caused problem that needs humanity’s concerted efforts to counter. He asks the Catholic webstie Crux if that makes him a bad Catholic. The website’s answer may speak to other climate-change skeptics as well. (Photo:… Read more»

  • September 22
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Autumn in Golden Mist

This Autumn, Be a Good Steward of Your Faith

There’s something wonderfully renewing about autumn, especially as it begins a new school year.  It’s all about new beginnings. Maybe it has something to do with new classrooms, new teachers, the great smell of brand new shoes and the smooth touch of that new backpack, says this meditation from the International Catholic Stewardship Council. (Photo… Read more»

  • September 22
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coach whistle

Why Every Leader Needs a Coach

All the best athletes have a coach. Why? Because good coaches point out subtle flaws others don’t see. They suggest small measures that add up to big improvements, and they push athletes to work at their highest performance. Pastors and other church leaders need coaches, too, says this article from (Photo: (c) 2005 OJ… Read more»

  • September 22
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Photo by Alvanman, used by Creative Commons license

Weekly Stewardship Bible Devotion

Keep your mind and heart focused on stewardship with this weekly Stewardship Bible Devotion from Using the exampe of Paul in Acts 26:1-23, this week’s lesson explores the role of storytelling in faith formation and education. (Photo: Alvanman, Creative Commons)

  • September 20
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Stewardship of Creation: Blessing Pets

Here’s a compendium of good resources for pet blessings from our friends at ECF Vital Practices. We are called to be stewards of creation, and pet blessings can help set the tone for those who enjoy the companionship of all God’s creatures. (Photo: Tony Lanciabeta, Creative Commons)

  • September 18
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Healthy Talk about Stewardship

It’s not hard to understand why talk about money and giving might make a congregation uncomfortable, and maybe even guilty and resentful. So how do we move to healthy ways of talking and preaching about money in our churches? This post from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship has some great ideas. (Photo: Fallonyates, Creative Commons)

  • September 15
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17 Stats for Consumption

Here’s a handy article from Joshua Becker referencing 17 staggering statistics about American consumer habits. You’ll find these stats fascinating, sad, and great fodder for preaching and teaaching about stewardship. (Photo: Rob Holland, Creative Commons)

  • September 15
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Female hands typing on the keyboard of the old mechanical typewriter.

Develop a Narrative Budget

Give people a line-item budget and either their eyes will glaze over or they’ll become obsessed with the bottom line. Many congregations are finding that they can better talk about their financial priorities with a narrative budget. The Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island has some good ideas. (Photo © trotzolga –… Read more»

  • September 15
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When Vision & Discipleship Meet Budget

Everything is a choice, and leaders choose the financial culture they create. Every conversation can be both a vision and discipleship conversation, including planning the annual budget. Invite congregants to invest in a vision rather than simply approve a budget. (Photo: © Artur Gabrysiak –  

Photo by Steven Depolo, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!

Deadline is Sept. 15 for SOLI Grants!

Time’s almost up for applications for the latest funding round in the Stewardship of Life Institute’s grant program. The deadline is Sept. 15! Got a creative idea for stewardship education? SOLI is offering grants to help fund projects to advance stewardship in the ELCA. See details inside! (Photo:Stephen Depolo, Creative Commons )