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Why ‘Busy’ is NOT Good Stewardship

This article from Relevant Magazine gives seven good reasons why being chronically busy is bad for your health and wellness. In short, being so very “busy” is not good stewardship. (Photo: © mtkang –

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Pope Francis’ Lenten Message of Creation

Pope Francis issued a letter and released a video for Lent this past week touching on issues of creation care. We can learn from the Pope’s message strategy. Creation care is universal and involves everyone because it impacts everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. (Photo: Semilla Luz, Creative Commons)


What’s Your Money, Debt, and Generosity Type?

It’s been suggested that Americans fall into one of four groups when it comes to how we manage money: Perfectionists, Dreamers, Procrastinators and Wanderers. Which are you? Is it where you want to be, and what can you do about it? Good reading from COMPASS.


Parenting Money Autobiography

Because children learn from observing parents’ stewardship practices, the Faith & Money Network offers this “parents’ supplement” to their money autobiography. Consider using is during Lent. (Photo: foilman, Creative Commons)

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Support Your Pastor’s Health

Among professionals, clergy tend to be among the less healthy. But congregations can help their leaders achieve a greater level of wellness and health, says this post from the Lewis Center for Clergy Leadership. (Photo © Sebastian Duda –

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Tell Your Story!

What’s the best way to excite people about giving to your ministry? The simple truth is to tell the story of how your donors’ contributions connect to a ministry that changes people’s lives, says this blog post from Horizons Stewardship Company.  (Photo © mangostock –

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Five Reasons Why I Give: Reflections from a Millennial

You’ve heard it over and over: It’s hard to get Millennials to church, and even harder to get them to contribute generously. Here’s testimony from a young man who finds it joyful and fulfilling to give generously. What can we learn from him? From Ecumenical Stewardship Center. (Photo © momius –

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Recapturing the Stewardship Vision of the Early Church

We have a problem in our culture when it comes to money. People spend more than they earn (thus, racking up credit card bills), and Christians give far too little to support the church. That’s not how Scripture tells us people should live, says this writer in (Photo: lucianvenutian, Creative Commons)

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Bulletin Sentences for February

Keep stewardship fresh in the hearts and minds of congregants by publishing a “Stewardship Bulletin Sentence” in every Sunday worship bulletin. Here are brief Scripture passages and commentary in a Word document from which you can just cut and paste. Great idea from the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  (Photo: David Wilson, Creative Commons)

Hear me Lord and Answer my Prayer

Church Financial Woes: A Crisis of Spirit

Financial problems plaguing many churches have spiritual roots, says noted sociology Robert Wuthnow. “The problem lies less in parishioners’ pocketbooks than in their hearts and less in churches’ budgets than in the clergy’s understanding of the needs and desires of church members’ lives.” From the UCC’s Massachusetts Conference. (Photo © cmlndm –