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Best Stewardship Practices

Here’s a concise, no-nonsense, easy-to-understand presentation of what works best when it comes to stewardship in the congregation. It’s a great thumbnail guide for your finance or stewardship team. Excellent stuff, from the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Washington.

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The Bible, Stewardship and Money

What does the Bible say about possessions and money? Obviously, a lot. This article (and the accompanying podcast) provide some key basic understandings that can ground your congregation in stewardship. Article by stewardship experts Chick Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy, posted on Luther Seminary’s website. (Photo © Alfredo Müller –

Photo by Joshua Smith, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!

Characteristics of Healthy Congregations

Sure, it all depends on whom you ask — what are the characteristics of a healthy congregaion, but this resource compiles lists from a variety of sources, including the Barna Group, Willow Creek and others. Which ones apply to your congregation, and which can you establish as goals? From the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia… Read more»

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SOLI Grants for Stewardship Education

Got a creative idea for stewardship eduction? The Stewardship of Life Institute is offering grants to help fund projects to advance stewardship in the ELCA. Applications are submitted online and due on September 15 for the next funding round. See details inside! (Photo: Rafael Castillo, Creative Commons)

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Are You Beating the Competition?

The number of nonprofit organizations in North America has mushroomed, and that means there are a lot more people asking YOUR church members for donations. In this blog, Phyllis Freedman gives sound advice how you can be sure your congregation stays ahead of the game. (Photo: U.S. Army)

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Sample a GREAT Narrative Budget

A line-item budget puts people to sleep, but a narrative budget energizes people for mission and encourages them to give. Check out this excellent narrative budget brochure from Hixon (Tennessee) United Methodist Church. What can your church do better?  (Photo: Sarah Reid, Creative Commons)

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Efficiency Sends Stewardship Message

Whether it’s caulking drafty windows, replacing the old furnace, getting rid of the incandescent lighting, or installing low-flush toilets, your congregation sends an important message when it takes steps to be more environmentally friendly, says this article from Insights Into Religion. What can your church do? (Photo by Sun Dazed, used by Creative Commons license.)

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In Giving, Lead by Example

Hey pastor, does the congregation know what you give? It ought to, and you should be leading by example, according to author and stewardship consultant J. Clif Christopher. “When a pastor and staff are not tithing and being generous in every possible way, it is seldom that I will see a congregation that does.” (Photo:… Read more»

Senior and Young Women's Hands

Bridging the Generation Giving Gap

You can engage both young and senior givers in your congregation. Check out these ideas on how to nurture a both-and climate for generosity in your context. (Photo: © Chariclo –

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Try-a-Tithe Sunday

If you’re introducing the concept of tithing to your congregation, invite them to take the plunge just for a week — or for one week a month. This handy guide will explain not only how to plan a “Try-a-Tithe Sunday,” but the biblical foundation of tithing. From ELCA Stewardship Resources. (Photo © thitimontoyai22 –