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Need a Little “Hygge” in your Life?

It’s a word that has no English equivalent, but for the Danes (and other Scandinavians!) it’s an essential concept that may explain why they landed at the top of the United Nations World Happiness Report. Read the article and ponder how you might add more “hygge” to your life and to that of your faith… Read more»

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Thanksgiving Worship Ideas

Here are some go-to places for planning your congregation’s weekday Thanksgiving Service, or for including a Thanksgiving component to worship for the Sunday before or after. You an also simply suggest some fun, creative activities for families. (Photo: AlicePopkorn, Creative Commons)

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Environmental Sermon Reflections for Advent

Put creation care consciousness into your Advent preaching this year! Lutherans Restoring Creations has some great preaching reflections for each of the Sundays of Advent Year C, beginning Nov. 29.  (Photo: Christopher Bulle, Creative Commons)

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Tips for a Green Thanksgiving

What to be a better steward during the coming holidays and holy days? SOLI has you covered. This week check out easy tips for a more environmentally friendly Thanksgiving from Interfaith Power & Light. These ideas help you care for creation AND give thanks with family and friends. (Photo: Faith Goble, Creative Commons)

Photo by Joshua Smith, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!

‘The Stewardship MD’ Has Your Rx

Is your congregation suffering from Stewardship Fatigue Viral Infection? Check out this list of symptoms and treatments from the Stewardship MD at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wichita. (Photo: Joshua Smith, Creative Commons)

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Hold a Letter-Writing Workshop

There’s a real art to writing an effective stewardship letter, and most people are not trained in it. This workshop outline from ELCA Stewardship Resources will help your team to craft letters that will help give you the results you want.

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5 Elements to Successful Stewardship

In your church, is the word “stewardship” synonymous with a multiweek fall campaign? What if stewardship were more than a campaign? What if it were a mindset? And what if stewardship were incorporated in every season? Ken Sloane from the United Methodist Church weighs in.  (Photo: Barta IV, Creative Commons)

Just Imagine…

Yes! Angela Emerson help you imagine a culture of generosity that begins by leadership imagining together a congregational stewardship statement that can infuse every decision and activity of your parish’s life together.  (Photo:, Creative Commons)

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Check out the ‘Green Church Association’

Save energy, save money, and help save the earth! It’s a triple win for congregations that adopt energy conservation measures. Here’s a great website where you can learn all about all sorts of environmentally friendly practices! (Photo © keller,

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Intro to Planned Giving Webinar

Wondering how to tackle even the basics of planned giving to ensure your congregation’s future ministry and mission? Check out this informative webinar from the Episcopal Church Foundation!