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The Spirituality of Stewardship

Jesus talked about money a lot but his point was about a spirituality of stewardship, that is, what is our attitude toward the goods of creation. Here are the four scriptural marks of a spirituality of stewardship, from the Paulist Center Boston.

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De-Clutter Your Calendar, Simplify Your Life

It’s easy to understand why so many people struggle to make time for giving back. Work, school, home, sports, family and church activities leave little room for anything else. Being intentional about your schedule allows you to make time for the things you value most, and this article from offers tips on how. (Photo… Read more»


Book Review: ‘Stewardshift’ by Bob Sitze

While the church is undergoing change, we can encourage shifts in thinking about stewardship for renewal. The word ‘steward’ is “a continually active verb,” Bob Sitze explains, as he urges us to keep moving forward in our thinking and practices about stewardship, says this review from the Rev. Rosanna Anderson.


Understanding Biblical Stewardship

Though too often associated merely with money, stewardship also applies to time, talent, and treasure. But stewardship isn’t just about being a good manager of our schedules, our skills, and our stuff. The discipline of biblical stewardship calls us to use all these things in the way the Lord wants, says this article from LifeWay.… Read more»

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Christian Wallet Principles

“What’s in your wallet?” It’s good for Christians to wrestle with the question because there is no clearer indicator of our ultimate values than our financial priorities and practices — how we spend, how we live, how we save, and how we give reveal the true altar of our hearts, says pastor, author and speaker… Read more»

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Advice for Lonely Leaders

Leaders are often lonely. It’s tragic when ministry leaders can preach to large numbers of people while slowly dying of personal isolation. For the sake of your emotional and relational health and your long term effectiveness, you need to develop friendships, says Rick Warren in this article. (Photo: Leander Wattig, Creative Commons)

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Tips, Tricks, Apps and Hacks for Effective Pastors

Some pastors just get a lot more done than others. They are often the ones elevated to senior pastor positions. How do they do it? Brian Jones shares some key ideas in this article on his website, (Photo: Joanna Bourne, Creative Commons)


Prince didn’t have will. Do you?

His death was a shock to millions. More shocking is the fact that this 57-year-old musician — whose estate is worth a fortune and who had access to the best lawyers money could buy — did not have a will. Here’s five reasons people don’t make a will and why you should. (Photo: Ken Mayer,… Read more»


Beware Pitfalls of Church Credit Cards

Many churches find that it’s easier and quicker to use credit cards for business purchases than other pyament methods, but there are cautions and drawbacks. Wise administrators should be aware of these and establish policies accordingly, says this article from LifeWay.

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Weekly Stewardship Bible Devotion

Keep your mind and heart focused on stewardship with this weekly Stewardship Bible Devotion from This week’s lesson explores the 23rd Psalm. How can we pray, “I shall not want,” when we know many of God’s children are hungry, ill-housed and ill-clothed?