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Tips for Parents Found Here!

Here’s a free, downloadable booklet from the folks at New American Dream. You’ll find excellent suggestions for raising healthy children in the midst of consumer culture. (Photo: crimfants, Creative Commons).


Church: Climate Change a ‘Great Demon’

With flooding and other weather incidents across the UK, the Church of England said it will fight the “Great Demon” of climate change, which caused by burning fossil fuels. “Scientists warn about the damage we are creating but we do very little to mitigate the threat, or adapt to it,” said one church official.  (Photo… Read more»

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Online Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Where is God calling you to serve? With what gifts has God blessed you to share with the world? These are key questions for any follower of Jesus Christ, and most of us could use a little help answering them. This online spiritual gifts inventory from the ELCA will help your discernment process. (Photo ©… Read more»

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Stewardship in the Gospel of Mark

Perfect for your small-group ministry or Christian education class, an 11-minute video and study guide that explores the subject of stewardship as seen in the Gospel of Mark. Good stuff fro the Center for Faith and Giving (Disciples of Christ). (Photo by Alvanman, used by Creative Commons license)

Balancing The Account

Church Finance Resources from the UCC

Here’s a collection of free, downloadable church finance resources provided by the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ. You’ll find many helpful tools here. (Photo: kenteegardin, Creative Commons)

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Budgeting for Irregular Expenses

Budgeting for life’s irregular expenses is a real discipline and part of good personal financial stewardship. Click here for some timely tips from Joan Otto at Man Vs Debt. (Photo:

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Tune in to Faith & Money

Now you can listen to some wonderful interviews on various topics dealing with faith and money! Click here to check out the Faith & Money Network’s weekly Internet radio show. This week Judy and David Osgood talk with host Mike Little about our need to give and the joy they find in giving. Click here… Read more»

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Preaching on Money

Most pastors would rather preach on almost anything besides than finances and stewardship, but as the preaching pastor, you are the chief development officer for your church. Provocative words from Ministry Matters. (Photo by Sumos, via

Photo by Stephen Yeargin, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!

Trends in Church Capital Campaigns

It’s not your grandfather’s world anymore, so why should your church expect your grandfather’s capital campaign to work? From ChurchExecuive here is a snappy rundown of seven trends that impact congregational capital campaigns. (Photo by Stephen Yeargin, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!)

Church receives donations by passing the collection plate.

16 Ways to Increase Church Giving

Here are 16 great — yet simple — ideas that your congregation can take and run with. Number one should register a collective “Dugh”: Establish a stewardship committee.  Check out the other 15, from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, Canada. (Photo by Lisafx, via